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What time is it? Adrena-Time!

Adrena-Time is a drug manufactured by Spacer's Choice. It applies the Adrena-Time High buff for 15 seconds and the Adrena-Time Crash debuff indefinitely.


Adrena-Time, a drug originally developed to increase worker performance, was developed and synthesized on the asteroid, Gorgon. It consisted of Compound X, which was derived from the metabolic waste of xenocytes - a microbial life form that only grew beneath the surface of Gorgon. They were highly sensitive and attempts to grow them off-world were futile. Development of the drug was very expensive, and after a failed testing phase, the facilities involved in its creation and productiong were abandoned. However, the drug managed to find it's way into circulation again.

The drug had un-intended side-effects such as heightened extroversion and creative ideation.[1]

Inception and Downfall[]

Adrena-Time began when Spacer's Choice employees noticed a steady increase in the productivity of the miner's working there. They then discovered the xenocytes, and thus, Adrena-Time was born. Unforturnately, the product was hindered and eventually ended by the typical cheapness of the Spacer's Choice Corporation, and the mismanagement of 3 of their departments on Gorgon. The Office of Creative Incubation (or OCI) set terrible deadlines and made promises they couldn't keep, these bad deadlines made the Compound Harvesting, Enrichment, & Molecularization Lab (or CHEM Lab) produce a bad product, this bad product caused the Human Inquiry and Auditing or (HIA) department on Gorgon give bad results. These events and the subsequent break out of numerous test subjects on Gorgon eventually caused Spacer's Choice to disavow all knowledge of it and cut any and all ties with the asteroid.


Adrena-Time comes in a syringe made of metal and glass. The syringe features a blue and green product label with orange lettering. Known side effects of the drug include psychosis and paranoia,[2] the former being significant enough to be listed on the product's label.[3]

Upon consuming the drug the consumer experiences a 15 second high that boots movement speed and melee weapon attack speed. However, once the drug wears off, the consumer experiences an indefinite drop in all attributes and walking speed.





  • The only way to remove the crash effect is by sleeping, zoning or saving then reloading.
  • It's main slogan on Gorgon is: "Show your boss that you are prime, because you take Adrena-Time"



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