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What time is it? Adrena-Time!

Adrena-Time is a drug manufactured by Spacer's Choice. It applies the Adrena-Time High buff for 15 seconds and the Adrena-Time Crash debuff indefinitely.


Adrena-Time, a drug originally developed to increase worker performance, was developed and synthesized on the asteroid, Gorgon. It consisted of Compound X, which was derived from the metabolic waste of xenocytes - a microbial life form that only grew beneath the surface of Gorgon. They were highly sensitive and attempts to grow them off-world were futile. Development of the drug was very expensive, and after a failed testing phase, the facility was abandoned. However, the drug managed to find it's way into circulation.

The drug had un-intended side-effects such as heightened extroversion and creative ideation.[1]


Adrena-Time comes in a syringe made of metal and glass. The syringe features a blue and green product label with orange lettering. Known side effects of the drug include psychosis and paranoia,[2] the former being significant enough to be listed on the product's label.[3]

Upon consuming the drug the consumer experiences a 15 second high that boots movement speed and melee weapon attack speed. However, once the drug wears off, the consumer experiences an indefinite drop in all attributes and walking speed.





  • The only way to remove the crash effect is by sleeping, zoning or saving then reloading.



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