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"His name is Hawthorne, and he should be waiting for you at the landing site. He's to be your chauffeur, so to speak. Not to worry, I'm told he's a specialist. Dashing gunslinger, one of a kind ship, that sort of thing. You'll like him, I'm sure." Phineas Vernon Welles

Captain Alex Hawthorne was a smuggler and the former captain of the Unreliable.


Before his death, Hawthorne was considered a dear friend by the Groundbreaker's resident Board representative Udom Bedford. Hired by Phineas Vernon Welles to help the Stranger in their mission to free the remaining colonists aboard the Hope, he was holding the guide beacon for the pod to make its landing, rather than stepping away. When the Stranger's landing made landfall on Terra 2 he was crushed on impact, immediately killing him.


Hawthorne preferred solitude rather than company on his flights.[1] He was also mechanically trained, with the ability to install the Vocational Competence Respecification Machine in the Unreliable. He would often play board games and socialize with ADA.


  1. Mentioned by ADA upon entering the Crew's Quarters in the Unreliable.
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