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Aloysius Clarke is a minister of Earth and one of the leaders of Halcyon Company.

Background Edit

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Interactions with the player character Edit

During the quest The City and the Stars, the player will need to enter (or break into) Minister Clarke's residence to obtain his Halcyon Holdings Corporation keycard. There, they will discover he has been put under domiciliary arrest by Charles Rockwell and his communications with Earth cut off.

He will grant his old keycard to the Stranger and request they send a message to Earth through his terminal, asking for help, while in his office. You can also deliver to him his mail package, if you entered his house that way, which will turn out to be an issue of "Dissident Hunters".

If he is still alive by the end of the game, and the player sided with Phineas Welles, he will have his own section in the epilogue sequence, where it is mentioned that he was released from house arrest and has thrown his considerable efforts and talents towards helping the Halcyon colony.

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Notes Edit

  • If you enter Minister Clarke's estate before getting the quest The City and the Stars he will not spawn in his usual room. This makes it impossible to get his keycard before doing Radio Free Monarch.
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