Ah, Crazy Town. Never change.

Amber Heights is a location in the Monarch Wilderness and the base of operations for the Iconoclasts.

Background[edit | edit source]

Amber Heights was once the place of residence of the entire executive dome of Monarch Stellar Industries. They lived there with their families and it was the company's operations center on Monarch. Just after The Board approved the evacuation of the planet through the Hazard Clause, Amber Heights was besieged by a gang of pirates who ransacked the town and massacred all its inhabitants.[1] This tragedy was known as "The Amber Heights Massacre". They were secretly assisted by MSI employee, Graham Bryant, who believed that the massacre would aid him in his quest to rid the colony of corporate influence.[2]

In 2345, the same Graham Bryant formed the Iconoclasts and settled the group in the deserted town.[3]

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Companion comments[edit | edit source]

  • Felix: "The infamous Amber Heights."
    • "This place wasn't half so pretty in the serials."
  • Nyoka: "I oughta mention - the Iconoclasts are loyal folk. Treat 'em right, they'll do the same. Turn on them, they'll open fire without a second thought."
    • "The folks in Amber Heights always manage to find a bottle or two of the good stuff. Good scavengers, I tell you."
  • Parvati: "Seems like a nice little town. Except for all the dead critters. Ugh."
    • "Everybody here looks wore out. Is it just me?"
  • SAM: "SAM: making blood-stained clean again."
    • "Disarray level analysis: UTTER AND TOTAL CHAOS."
  • Vicar Max: "Damned Philosophists."

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Maguire: "Bunch of marauders broke into the executive compound. Slaughtered everyone. Corporations pulled out of Monarch not long after."
  2. Interior Terminal, Manual Log Entry, Abandoned Relay Station (Monarch Wilderness)
  3. Maguire: "But then, that was ten years ago. Still feels fresh to us every time we look at our walls, though."
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