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The character's attributes are the primary statistics defining the Stranger's nature and granting passive bonuses.


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Attributes are initially selected during the Character Creation. Players are given the chance to modify and choose their desired attribute to specialize in by placing up to 6 points in the attribute. Each attribute has a value or tier that can be modified: Below Average, Average, Good, High, and Very High. Just be careful in choosing a Below Average level, you may gain extra points from modifying an attribute to Below Average but choosing to do so comes with a penalty. Each attribute level affects the number of skill points you receive for the corresponding skills with the base skill being 6. e.g. Below Average(-3), Average(+0), Good(+3), High(+4), and Very High(+5). These cannot be changed later. Each attribute represents a particular aspect of the character, and has a significant impact on his or her capabilities in combat or interactions. You do not gain points in this area when advancing. These are fixed for the entire game.