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L84tea L84tea 24 January

I Understood That Reference!

The Outer Worlds is full of references - many quests are named after significant pieces of science fiction literature.

Unfortunately, much of this information cannot be verified and therefore cannot be housed on a wiki page. Below is a collection of identified cross-media references found in the quest titles, item descriptions, and other lore in the game.

Please feel free to let me know if you find any others!

  • Radio Free Monarch: The name of the quest is a reference to Radio Free Albemuth, a novel by Philip K. Dick which shares similar themes to Graham Bryant's beliefs.
  • Brave New World: The name of the quest is a reference to Brave New World, a novel by Aldous Huxley.
  • Comes Now the Power: The name of the quest is a reference to Comes Now the Power…

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LaviPhantom LaviPhantom 22 January

Supernova Strategy Guide

This guide details helpful information when completing the game Outer Worlds in Supernova Difficulty.

Only Sugary Drinks reduce a Player's Level of thirst, therefore, if a beverage contains the Alcohol or Caffeine Effect, it will not help reduce thirst. Below is a list of beverages which do hold the Alcohol/Caffeine Effect and as such help restore the Player's Thirst Level.

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Rdoko Rdoko 17 April 2021

Thirst Beverages

' documents which beverages prevent dehydration in The Outer Worlds.

It is can be difficult to identify which satiate thirst. And when in Supernova difficulty, there is no option to quick save outside the Unreliable in order to test them out. The intent of this page is to provide the reader with a reference to identify said beverages.

An alternative way to identify beverages that satiate thirst is to notice the suffix of the beverages. For example, beverages that end with Juice, and Tea do satiate thirst. e.g. Mock Apple Juice, however beverages that end with Brew do not. E.g. Zero Gee Brew. Having said that, not all beverages do follow this pattern. For example Trip-Teaz, instead contains the related keyword tea inside the description. So the list be…

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Paladin Aladin Paladin Aladin 14 April 2020


Since today is the 14. of April in 2020, and I started my participation in this Wiki almost exactly one month ago on 14. of March in 2020, it's time for a review, to release my frustration, and to say ByeBye.

To start with: this is Fandom / ex-Wikia / Gamepedia and this is NOT Wikipedia (a bit tricky, to get the english links instead of the - for me automaticly generated - german ones, but worth it :) ) ... so since this here is all about games and such stuff, and since games are mostly meant for thrill, sometimes education, but mostly ever for fun ... hence this Wiki should (oops, speculative, I know, later more on this, deal with it) be also mostly fun ... but it isn't ... no longer ... sadly.

And since especially this Wiki is about a game, …

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Paladin Aladin Paladin Aladin 12 April 2020

Working over Navbox locations

I'm really happy to see, that my thoughts while rearranging and expanding that Navbox locations are got exactly the result, I wanted to gain ... new pages to all the red links were created one by one ... so cool :)

And a big thanks to TSWindustries for uploading a constant stream of matching pictures ... nice :)

Since I for myself not so familiar with creating new pages on a foreign language Wiki, I've tried to figure a way, how to show other users parts of the Wiki, that still not exist. And as this template shows up on many pages, to modify and expand it from its former measly existence, seems the best way ... works fine :)

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Sakaratte Sakaratte 23 October 2019

Pre-launch update

Just over 24 hours hours away from game launch and the excitement is building for The Outer Worlds here. Some of our admins are currently in hiding to avoid having too much spoilt before getting their hands on the game.

Firstly, I'd like to welcome to Quadrapod on board to the admin team. Quadrapod is the former administrator of the Gamepedia wiki and his technical skills have so far been invaluable. I'd also like to welcome Gumbyfan1 as s the only other editor we have seen to come over from there and join us.

We have made a few last minute preparations for the game launch and some that editors should be aware of.

The Wiki's navigation bar at the top has seen a few changes since the wiki was incorporated, but we have completed our first full …

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Sakaratte Sakaratte 17 October 2019

Fandom-Gamepedia wiki merger

As users here may or may not know, Fandom and Gamepedia made the decision to close the Gamepedia wiki and redirect users to ourselves here. I was asked by one of the former users Gumbyfan1 to salvage the content of the GP wiki and amalgamate it into our own.

As of today, the articles from GP have been merged into the wiki, although the content hasn't been fully merged into the main articles as of yet. More work needs to be done to this end and users are encouraged to check the edit histories for information that may have been lost. As we are very early on in the wiki's life thankfully this means we have very small histories, so search and retrieval shouldn't be too difficult.

For anyone who wants to have a look, check the contributions of:

  • Qu…
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Astralproxy Astralproxy 10 August 2019

Press Hands On Gameplay

A week ago, some press got a 1-hour gameplay session to preview the game. I've collected some links to their videos below. Obviously there will be spoilers in these videos.

Obsidian: The Outer Worlds - E3 Gameplay Demo (with Dev Commentary)

PC Gamer: The Outer Worlds: 60 minutes of gameplay

JuiceHead: 1+ Hour of Raw The Outer Worlds Gameplay

PolygonGuides: The Outer Worlds: 44 minutes of new gameplay

Game Informer: New Gameplay Today – The Outer Worlds (4K)

Easy Allies: The Outer Worlds - Hands-On Preview

Parris: The Outer Worlds Gameplay First Look
Parris: The Outer Worlds Gameplay Interview

outsidexbox: The Outer Worlds Gameplay: LET'S BE SPACE JERKS!

MrMattyPlays: I PLAYED THE OUTER WORLDS - My Brutally Honest Opinion

GamesRader: The Outer Worlds Pr…

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Astralproxy Astralproxy 1 June 2019

More News at E3 2019

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Astralproxy Astralproxy 30 March 2019

PAX2 Panel and Gameplay

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Astralproxy Astralproxy 6 February 2019

Lots of New Info Coming Soon!

Available today in digital format!

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