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Byzantium is the capital city of Terra 2.


Referred to as the "gilded city of the well-to-do", Byzantium is where every Halcyon colonist wishes they could live. The city is closed off to those without the means to be appropriate residents; it’s a literal gated community with secrets that lesser company workers will simply never learn.


The city of Byzantium was built in a radial layout, with streets and docking bays encircling the Halcyon Holdings Corporation headquarters, located in the restricted Acropolis District. Many buildings constructed in Byzantium are well-maintained, and are built in a futuristic Art Nouveau style, as opposed to the simpler prefabricated frontier designs of Edgewater or Stellar Bay.


Acropolis District

A wealthy district for the most prominent citizens of both Byzantium and the entire Halcyon Colony. Located here are the headquarters of the Halcyon Holdings Corporation, housed inside a towering skyscraper.

Docking Bays

Docking bays for various vessels and ships have been constructed into a large, deep trench encircling the mid-section of Byzantium. Only those individuals with the appropriate navkey are allowed to land on Byzantium's docking bays.

Estate District

A district bordering the Acropolis District, the Estate District is known as the residence of Minister Clarke.

Prosperity Plaza

The beating hub of commerce and culture in Byzantium, fronted by famous establishments such as Bijou's Revue, Rococo's Decor, and Billingsly's House of Inebriation. At the center of the plaza is a large decorative orrery in the likeness of the Halcyon system.

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  • Many top establishments in Byzantium are closed and shuttered due to sprat infestations.
  • Two wealthy citizens can be heard discussing whether to spit on an automechanical from a street overlooking the Docking Bays.

Trivia Edit

  • Byzantium is named after the ancient city Byzantium, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire, formed after the partition and collapse of the Western Roman Empire. Concept art for Halcyon's Byzantium shows the city as a large, radially built walled settlement on top of a mesa, with a building similar to the Hagia Sophia of real Constantinople/Istanbul at the center.
    • Byzantine as an adjective can also refer to undemocratic practices, complexity of government, and autocracy—fitting for the generally repressive hierarchy formed by The Board in the Halcyon Colony.
  • Several street names in Byzantium are named after the planets of the Halcyon System. One street—Vanderbilt Street, is most likely named after 19th century businessman Cornelius Vanderbilt, who also lends his name to one of the Earth Directorate's vessels.

Related achievements-trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Paradise Found Paradise Found Landed in Byzantium. 30 Bronze
Paradise Found Well Dressed Wore 'A Nice Hat' and 'Chimaera' at the same time. 15 Bronze

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