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The canid (Beta lupus familiari) is a creature native to Terra 2.

Canids can be found all over Emerald Vale in two distinct varieties: domesticated and feral.


Canids are canine-esque creatures that have been tamed by human colonists across Halcyon. Despite them being an apparent analogue to terrestrial dogs, the similarities end at their quadrupedal structure and the ability to be tamed by humans. Most canids are nearly reptilian/avian, possessing colorful skin, powerful mandibles, and feathered backsides. On Monarch, mega-canids are known to exist, due to the attempts of the Halcyon Holdings Corporation to terraform the planet, resulting in the mutation of the local wildlife.

Variants Edit

Feral Canid Edit

Canids that live in packs in the wilderness. They are known to attack anything on sight.

Tamed Canid Edit

Canids that have been tamed by humans for security purposes. They can be found in the company of marauders, outlaws, and corporate guards.

Teacup Canid Edit

An unusually small variant of the regular canid, apparently bred to serve as a luxury pet for residents of Byzantium.

Alpha Canid Edit

The head of a feral canid pack. Tougher and more resilient than a regular canid.

Mega Canid Edit

Canids of an unnaturally large size, caused by mutations stemming from the failed terraforming of Monarch.

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