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The canid (Beta lupus familiari) is a creature native to Terra 2.

Canids can be found all over Halcyon in two distinct varieties: domesticated and feral.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Canids are canine-esque creatures that have been tamed by human colonists across Halcyon. Despite them being an apparent analogue to terrestrial dogs, the similarities end at their quadrupedal structure and the ability to be tamed by humans. Most canids are nearly reptilian/avian, possessing colorful skin, powerful mandibles, and feathered backsides. On Monarch, mega-canids are known to exist, due to the attempts of the Halcyon Holdings Corporation to terraform the planet, resulting in the mutation of the local wildlife.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Teacup Canid.png Teacup Canid An unusually small variant of the regular canid, apparently bred to serve as a luxury pet for residents of Byzantium. Teacup canids are sometimes entered into canid shows, such as the Annual Canid Revue at the Musgrave Family Collection.
Tamed Canid.png Tamed Canid "A tamed canid trained to attack enemies."
Tamed canids can often be found accompanying marauders.
Canid Howler.png Canid Howler "Howls to enrage nearby pack members, increasing their speed and damage."
Canid Mongrel.png Canid Mongrel "Smallest of the canids, but weakens prey for the pack to take down."
Canid Feral.png Canid Feral "Charges at prey to cripple them, leaving them vulnerable to the rest of the pack."
Canid Alpha.png Canid Alpha "Pack leader that can bleed their prey. When killed it impairs and debuffs the rest of the pack."
Mega Canid.png Mega Canid Canids Alphas of an unnaturally large size, caused by mutations stemming from the failed terraforming of Monarch.
Canid Protector.png Peril on Gorgon logo.png Canid Protector "These tamed canids attack any non-Gardeners and resist poison and N-ray damage."
Canid Protectors can be found in the Auxiliary Maintenance Bay with the Gardeners.

Galvanized canids[edit | edit source]

Galvanized canids are electrically charged variants of canids that are found on Gorgon. They were being bred by Spacer's Choice to act as living cattle prods but have since gone feral.[1] The meat and tails obtained from them are still infused with electricity and their skull fins have electrical burns on them.

Icon Name Description
Canid Charger.png Peril on Gorgon logo.png Canid Charger "These canids will charge and shock anyone in their path."
Canid Sparkler.png Peril on Gorgon logo.png Canid Sparkler "These canids howl to buff their friends and shock their enemies."
Canid Sentinel.png Peril on Gorgon logo.png Canid Sentinel "These large canids are harder to kill and bite for more damage.

Notable canids[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If attacked enough by canids, one may develop the Cynophobia flaw.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Wilhelmina Ambrose, when asked what kind of wildlife is found on Gorgon, Ambrose Manor
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