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No one asks "why" anymore. The establishment tells us to live here, work there, eat that, drink this. All our choices are made for us, so we forget we ever had a choice. I am doing this because I can.Cassandra O'Malley

Cassandra O'Malley is the leader of an Outlaw crew, leading the Outlaws assault on Roseway's covert lab.


Cassandra is rebellious and has a strong disliking for the Board and the corporations under its wing, feeling that they do not care for people's lives and only their ability to work. Her way of rebelling against the system is to "stab at the heart of corporate power," something she takes great pleasure from. However in doing so she and her outlaws are also responsible for the deaths of corporate employees. Cassandra sees these killed guards and the few scientists caught in the crossfire as a necessary evil.

Player interactions

Available interactions with Cassandra O'Malley
Companion Conversation
Quests Merchant

When first encountered in the Covert Lab she is locked in a room and asks the player to get the keycard to release her. She also wants them clear a path for her to flee, by either killing all the Raptidons in the loading bay or Porter and the rest of the Auntie Cleo's guards towards the front entrance. If one wishes to avoid bloodshed Porter can also be persuaded to leave. Afterwards Cassandra rewards the player some bits and with a Persuasion check of 31 she will give Crane's research to the player.

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