Halcyon Diorama

A diorama of Halcyon.

"Prosperity awaits you in Halcyon - humanity's furthest colony, located on the very edge of the frontier! Come bask in a lifetime of guaranteed full employment*, with only a minor term of [REDACTED] years of service!" Obsidian Entertainment

Halcyon, also called Halcyon Colony, is a star system on the fringe of known space. It is part of the Halcyon Cluster, so named because Halcyon is the brightest star in the cluster when viewed from Earth. Halcyon is proudly advertised as the only system entirely owned and operated by corporations. Most of the planets in thesystem are named after locations, deities, or creatures from Greek mythology.

Background Edit

In the 23rd century, ten corporations joined together and formed the Halcyon Holdings Corporation in order to purchase the rights to the Halcyon system from the Earth Directorate. Although it was not unusual for corporations or even individuals to purchase star systems, Halcyon's remoteness meant that colonizing it would be exorbitantly expensive, which is why ten major corporations decided to pool their resources for the endeavor. HHC arranged for two colony ships to transport colonists to Halcyon: the Groundbreaker and the Hope. The Groundbreaker arrived on schedule and the effort to colonize the system began on Terra 1, a moon orbiting the gas giant Olympus. When the Terra 1 colony failed due to the terraforming process dangerously mutating the native flora and fauna, the Halcyon Holdings Corporate Board refocused their efforts on Terra 2.

Hope Groundbreaker Icon

The emblems of the Hope and the Groundbreaker, the two colony ships sent to Halcyon.

Meanwhile, the Hope failed to arrive on time and was assumed lost by the Board. By the time the Hope was found adrift in Halcyon several decades later in 2320, having suffered a skip drive malfunction that forced it to finish its journey with sublight engines, the colonists had spent too long in stasis and could not be safely revived. The Board decided to abandon the vessel and cover up its discovery to protect its profits. However, In 2355 the rogue scientist Phineas Vernon Welles breached the Hope and revived one of the colonists, the Stranger, to help him liberate the ship's hundreds of thousands of passengers in defiance of the Board's tyranny.


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