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"AG111a: 'Monarch' - One of Olympus's many satellites. What should have been Halcyon's second habitable world has long since been abandoned by the Board due to monstrous, ravenous creatures." ― Halcyon map description

Monarch, previously known as Terra 1, is a moon of the gas giant Olympus and the site of a failed colony.

Background[edit | edit source]

A moon orbiting the gas giant Olympus, Monarch was initially designated as the primary colonization target of the Halcyon system. The Halcyon Holdings Corporate Board had intended to completely terraform the planet, wiping out the local fauna and flora and replacing it with plants and wildlife originating from Earth. The terraforming unexpectedly caused the native species to mutate and grow to a significantly larger size, rendering them more dangerous.

As a result of this catastrophic failure, the Board's reputation and influence over the colonists were damaged, with a number of citizens rebelling against the corporations' rule. As the Board and the majority of the companies on the planet withdrew, one company acquired the planet from the Board via a legal loophole and rebranded themselves Monarch Stellar Industries. The actions of MSI earned them the ire of the Board, who retaliated by applying the Hazard Clause to Monarch, effectively placing the moon under indefinite embargo.

Related achievements-trophies[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Pirate Radio.png Pirate Radio Stopped the Monarch broadcasts. 15 Bronze

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