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AG332: 'Terra 2' - An idyllic terrestrial planet. Halcyon's wealthiest elite live in its capital city, Byzantium, while the colony's laborers live in corporate-owned townships along the frontier.
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Terra 2 is a terraformed planet located in Halcyon with a functioning atmosphere under Earth-like conditions, making it habitable for humans.

Background[edit | edit source]

Terra 2 is one of the two planets that make up the Halcyon colony owned by the Halcyon Holdings Corporation at the edge of known space. The planet remains heavily under the sway of the Halcyon Holdings Corporate Board. Here, the colonists have largely accepted and even embraced their roles as corporate workers, but the facade is slowly breaking down as towns fall into disarray. Marauding thugs who have abandoned the company life wander outside the towns. And even inside, the appearance of homey comfort has begun to fray as prefab structures have begun to fall apart and jobs remain unfilled, even as the various companies try to keep up good appearances.

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