Combat is similar to Fallout games, including a time dilation mechanic (similar to V.A.T.S.) and zoomed-in vanity shots for particularly graphic kills. When time is slowed, you’ll be able to see more information about an enemy, such as their remaining health. It’ll let you target individual body parts, but you’ll always be aiming manually. Combat also takes inspiration from BioShock, in which you use drugs to enhance your offensive and defensive capabilities.

Combat is first person, and weapons will include pistols, laser rifles and sci-fi scythes as well as other melee weapons. You’ll be able to modify your weapons, upgrading them and picking different ammo types, such as bullets that deal elemental damage. You’ll be able to find special "science weapons" with cool effects, such as a shrink ray.

Party members will also participate in combat. You’ll be able to give them simple commands and standing orders, but their individual personalities will play a big role in how they fight. 

Your social skills will also play a role in how battles turn out. Dialogue skills, which are normally used in conversation, also influence combat. For example, you kill a creature and your Intimidate skill causes the rest of the creatures to flee.

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