Comes Now the Power is a main quest in the Outer Worlds.


Workers are abandoning the town of Edgewater. Reed Tobson, Edgewater's administrator, wants to force these deserters to return to town by shutting off their power. On the other hand, Adelaide McDevitt pleads for the Stranger to spare her band of deserters and divert power away from the Edgewater cannery instead.


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Quest StagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Deliver Reed's messageReed asked you to deliver a message to Adelaide and her deserters: come back to town, because he's cutting off their power. Adelaide and her people are camped out in the Botanical Lab, north of Edgewater.
Optional Speak to the VicarParvati wants you to visit the town's Vicar. She's a little uncertain about the task Reed has set before you. the Vicar might be able to provide some moral guidance.
2 Divert power from the geothermal plantYou delivered Reed's message, but Adelaide refused to return to Edgewater. Head to the Geothermal Plant and redirect the power.
Optional Reprogram the AutomechanicalsChester gave you a passcode to a terminal located elsewhere in the plant. This terminal allows you to reprogram the plant's automechanicals. Changing their behavior might make getting around in the plant easier.
Optional Remove Reed from EdgewaterAdelaide refuses to return to Edgewater unless Reed is out of the picture. Her people will follow her back to town, if she returns.
Optional Convince the Deserters to ReturnNow that their power is off, you should have an easier time convincing the deserters to move back. Adelaide refused to move back. You may have more luck convincing some of the other deserters. In particular, she suggested you speak to Grace or Thomas, as the others will listen to them.
3 Return to AdelaideReed has been removed from Edgewater. Return to Adelaide ad tell her the news.


  • Killing Reed Tobson or Adelaide McDevitt will reward the stranger with the Obsidian skull ship decoration.
  • Diverting Power to Botanical labs will reward the stranger with the Puffball plant ship decoration.
  • Diverting Power to Edgewater will reward the stranger with the Edgewater sign ship decoration.
  • Killing both Reed and Adelaide will botch the quest.
  • Killing Chester Higgins before talking to him results in not getting his password preventing the Reprogram the Automechanicals objective.
  • The (Optional) Reprogram the Automechanicals stage requires Persuade 10, Intimidate 10 or Lie 46 to start.
  • Thomas Kemp requires at least one of the guides to mechanical engineering in order for you to convince him to return to Edgewater.
  • If you kill any of the Deserters prior to starting Comes Now the Power, Reed's office will be sealed preventing the player from starting the quest, effectively trapping the player on Terra 2.


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