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Companions are non-player characters (NPCs) that follow the Stranger around and assisting in completing quests and combat. Companions also increase the player character's own inventory space as opposed to having their own.


Companion Abilities Perks Skills
Ellie Fenhill

Quick Draw

(Ellie quickly draws her pistol and fires off a series of precision shots at her target)

Bonus Support Medical (+10 Medical Skill)

First Responder (+20% Heal amount granted by the medical inhaler)

CPR (Recover 25% health when fatally wounded| Cooldown 5m)

Felix Millstone.jpg
Felix Millstone


(Felix charges his target, leaps into the air and slams into the target with both feet.)

Bonus Support Persuade (+10 Persuade Skill)
Bootlickers! (+20% Damage to Cowering Enemies)
Rebellion (+20% Damage to Corporate Military)
Maximilliam DeSoto.png
Maximillian DeSoto

(Max examines and evaluates his targets and spiritually enlightens them with a blast from his shotgun)

Bonus Support Hack (+10 Hack skill)

Sermon (+20% Dialog Combat Effect Duration)

Mad Max (+20% Science Weapon Damage)

Tuned In (Drug Effect Duration +50%)

Nyoka Ramnarim-Wentworth III


(Nyoka uses her personally modified LMG to deal damage to her target and set enemies near it ablaze)

Bonus Support Lie (+10 lie skill)

Hunter (-20% radius of footsteps sounds)

Exterminator (+20% damage to creatures)

Parvati Holcomb

(Parvati slams down her hammer creating a blast wave that shocks enemies and stuns automechanicals)

Bonus Support Engineer (+10 engineering Skill)

Mod Finder (+10% chance to extract mods in the field)

Sinchronicity (+25% Tactical Time Dialiation Meter)


(SAM jumps in the air and slams down near his target sweeping out caustic cleaning fluids all around to get out those really tough stains)

Clean Sweep (-25% Harmful status effect duration)

Bonus Support Intimidate (+10 intimidate)

Bad Samaritan (+20% damage to automechanicals)

Cleaner (-20% Negative reputation per kill)


Quest Perks[]

See Quest Perks


Companions are met in various locations in the game world. Once they agree to join the Stranger, they will reside on the Stranger's ship, the Unreliable, as part of the crew. Each has a special ability and different expertise. There are no romance options.

These non-player characters will have an opinion about what’s going on in the world. They will all have different motivations as well, which you’ll be able to dig into during companion-specific quests. If the Stranger does something they don’t like, they might abandon the cause entirely.[1]


Two companions can accompany the Stranger when they leave the spaceship; in addition, companion's skills will add on to the player character's, supplementing one's own abilities with their own strengths, thus opening approaches to situations which may not normally be available. The skills that they enhance can be found in the Details section of the Companion Ledger. Armor and Armor Mods that increase those particular skills will also increase the degree to which they boost the Stranger's skills. The Stranger's Inspiration skill can also increase these boosts, depending on how high it is.

Skill Boosts from Companions
Inspiration < 60 Inspiration >/= 60
Base Skill Boost Armor/Mod Boost Base Skill Boost Armor/Mod Boost
1/4, round down 1/5 (1/4, round down)x2 1/2, round down*
* The 0.5 that is rounded down from half of an odd-numbered mod boost (+5, for instance) is not altogether removed before being applied to the Stranger's skill (as it is for the base skill boost), because if the companion has armor and headgear that both apply odd-numbered boosts to the same skill (+5 and +5, or +5 and +7, etc.), the 0.5 from both boosts are added together to increase the Stranger's skill by an additional 1 point.


During dialogue events, companions may also interject with their own viewpoints, or even support/undermine the Stranger. Furthermore, companions will occasionally have something of particular interest on their mind, at which time the Stranger will be prompted to talk to them to hear it.

While travelling, companions may also occasionally have conversations with one another. These conversations are unprompted and vary depending on the combination of companions in the Stranger's party.

Carrying Capacity[]

Each companion increases your Carrying Capacity by 10 kg; thus, having two companions increases your Carrying Capacity by 20 kg. The Tier 2 Perk Pack of Pack Mules increases your Carrying Capacity by 40 kg; ergo, having one companion increases your total Carrying Capacity by 50 kg (original 10 kg + 40 kg from the perk), whereas having two companions increases it by 100 kg (2x10kg + 2x40kg).


Each companion can have their combat behavior adjusted via these three properties:

1. Distance: This decides how close to the player character the companion is. The options are close, middle, and far.

2. Weapon: This decides which weapon the companion is going to use. The options are Melee, Mixed, and Ranged. Mixed allows the companion to decide which weapon they use based on what is going on in the current fight.

3. Mode: This decides the companions behavior in combat. The aggressive option forces the companion to find and fight an enemy as soon as combat is engaged. The defensive option forces the companion to only attack your targets in combat. The passive option makes it so that the companion will not act in combat unless you tell them to.


Some companions deal more critical hit damage with all weapons that others. Ellie and Max deal the most, followed by Nyoka. The lowest critical hit damage is dealt by Felix and Parvati.


Every companion is prone to going unconscious in battle or by the player's actions. However, depending on the difficulty the player chooses to play the game on, companions can have permadeath and be completely eliminated from the game. Having a high enough Inspiration skill allows you to heal your companions with the Emergency Medicinal Inhaler.

Related achievements-trophies[]

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
All for One.png All for One Completed all companion quests. 30 Silver
Anything for a Friend.png Anything for a Friend Finished a companion's quest line. 15 Bronze
Best Friend.png Best Friend Recruited a companion. 15 Bronze
Got Your Back.png Got Your Back Killed 50 enemies with companion abilities. 15 Bronze
One for All.png One for All Recruited all of the companions. 15 Bronze