Companions are non-player characters (NPCs) that follow the Stranger around and assisting in completing quests and combat. Companions also increase the player character's own inventory space as opposed to having their own.


Companions are met in various locations in the game world. Once they agree to join the Stranger, they will reside on Stranger's spaceship as part of the crew. Each has a special ability and different expertise. There are no romance options. 

These non-player characters will have an opinion about what’s going on in the world. They will all have different motivations as well, which you’ll be able to dig into during companion-specific quests. If the Stranger does something they don’t like, they might abandon the cause entirely.[1]


Two companions can accompany the Stranger when they leave the spaceship; in addition, companion's skills will add on to the player character's, supplementing one's own abilities with their own strengths, thus opening approaches to situations which may not normally be available. During dialogue events, they may also interject with their own viewpoints, or even support/undermine the Stranger.


Each companion can have their combat behavior adjusted via the three properties: distance, weapon, and mode.

Health Edit

Every companion is prone to going unconscious in battle or by the player's actions. However, depending on the difficulty the player chooses to play the game on, companions can have permadeath and be completely eliminated from the game.

Available companionsEdit

Name Gender Abilities Perks Skills
Ellie Fenhill Female
Felix Millstone Male Dropkick Healthy
Heavy Handed
Maximilliam DeSoto Male
Nyoka Female
Parvati Holcomb Female

References Edit

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