Conrad Sadik is a barber and embalmer in Edgewater. Residents report to him when their hair needs does not meet company standards, or in the event of their death.


Sometime before the events of The Outer Worlds, Conrad fell sick with the plague and was allowed to receive treatment for his illness due to his services as a surgeon and embalmer. However, as he cannot pay his gravesite fees, he believes this right will soon be revoked from him. He accepts that body will be tossed into a ditch upon his death.

Conrad is certified as a surgeon by Spacer's Choice. However, his certification does not come from a proper medical school, but rather from five pamphlets with corresponding editions of "So You Want To Be An Embalmer" that were given to him after his aptitude test. He doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to his patents not becoming infected after the procedure is complete and can only stitch a severed thumb with a 58% chance of avoiding gangrene. He has also developed his own personal plague palliative which consists of boiled canid liver and a splash of ethanol.

He does not approve of fantasizing about things, deeming it a dreadful habit which is "corrosive to the mental faculties." Similarly, he despises watching serials.

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