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Cystypigs are creatures in The Outer Worlds.


Bred by the local corporations, cystypigs are pigs that grow bacon tasting tumors on their necks, which then slough off when matured, ready for harvesting and packaging into "sustainable meat product."[1] The hooves of slaughtered cystypigs are used as a feed supplement, which provides rich amounts of protein.[2] At the C&P Boarst Factory, Clive Lumbergh maintains that cystypigs are to be fed exactly five cans of Boarst Wurst each meal every day.[3]

Notable creatures[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The cystypig was concepted by Breanna R. Guthrie.[4]
  • The in-game model was created by James Chea in approximately a week, from block-out to optimization.
  • Antony Rogers added animations to the cyst.



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