The Determination skill increases the maximum health of the Stranger's companions.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • 20 NOVICE: The Inhaler heals you and your companions, but they get 30% of the healing effect
  • 40 COMPETENT: Companion Critical Damage +20%
  • 60 ADEPT: Companions get on additional 25% of the Inhaler's healing effect
  • 80 EXPERT: Resolve: If a Companion is downed, party gains +50% Armor Rating and Damage +50% for 10s
  • 100 MASTER: When Companions kill an enemy, they gain 50% Health
  • 150 VIRTUOSO: When a companion is sent back to the Unreliable, a different companion can replace them
    • Requires Peril on Gorgon
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