Die, Robot is a side quest in Edgewater Landing Pad in Emerald Vale.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ludwig Miller, a guard watching over the landing pad south of Edgewater, is convinced that automechanicals are planning to wipe out humanity. He asks the Stranger to help him wage a secret war against the mechanical menace.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The quest is started by speaking to Ludwig Miller near the entrance of the Edgewater landing pad and agreeing to join the resistance against the automechanicals. With a Persuade 5 check, one can convince him to pay an upfront enlistment fee of 75 bits.

Deal with the mechanical scout[edit | edit source]

Ludwig's first task is to destroy a damaged mechanical sentry located at the Edgewater junkyard. Miller claims it is a scout for the automechanicals at the geothermal power plant.

The automechanical scout isn't hostile when it is approached. It can either be destroyed per Ludwig's request or repaired, as it is only roaming the junkyard because its navigation systems are damaged. Repairing the automechanical requires an Engineering check (54). Alternatively, Parvati can repair the scout if she is in the party. If Parvati repairs the automechanical she will nickname it Jeremy and it will return to the geothermal power plant.

Regardless of the choice made, report back to Ludwig where he will tell the Stranger about a secret weapon he had stashed behind a toilet in the Spacer's Choice Cantina. After retrieving the Sealed Bundle, return it to Ludwig to receive a Mag-2-Zap as a reward.

Retrieving a Logic Module[edit | edit source]

Ludwig then asks the Stranger to retrieve an undamaged logic module in the geothermal power plant. Accessing the plant requires the Geothermal Passcode which must be granted by Reed Tobson, in the Edgewater Saltuna Cannery. The passcode is given as part of the Comes Now the Power quest. After obtaining the passcode, travel to the geothermal power plant.

Several automechanicals are patrolling the gated area and many more are inside the plant. Enter the plant and continue straight down the stairs from the main entrance. The logic module is locked behind a door on the left opposite a security office. It requires Lockpick 45 (62 with Peril on Gorgon) or the Geothermal Security Chief's Keycard to access.

The keycard is on S. Tanaka's corpse located in the control room. The control room is behind the locked door at the end of the hallway. This door can be unlocked by using the terminal in the security office to input the passcode which Tobson provided.

Go to the end of the hallway, travel down the ramp and go through the door. There are two mechanical sentries guarding this room who will be hostile on sight. Go up the stairs at the far end of the room, cross the bridge and enter the control room on the right. S. Tanaka's corpse lies behind an overturned table next to a light machine gun. Loot the keycard from their corpse and return to the locked storeroom and unlock it. The Corrupted Logic Module is on a shelf in the room, along with two mag-picks and other assorted loot.

Return to Miller and give him the logic module to receive a reward of 500 bits and the Shock-stick.

Quest Stages[edit | edit source]

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Deal with the Mechanical ScoutLudwig reports that he's spotted a forward scout of the mechanical army north of the landing pad. As a test of your mettle, he's requested that you dispose of this scout in the name of humanity.
2 Return to LudwigYou heroically trashed the mechanical scout, preventing vital Intel from falling into the hands of its metallic masters. Ludwig will be pleased. (Or Repair it for future use, requires 38 engineering) "38 skills are required only if attractiveness is above average, if attractiveness is lower then 65 skills are required. This mechanic needs to be checked to create accurate information.
3 Find Ludwig's Secret WeaponLudwig revealed that he's tucked away a secret weapon in Edgewater, to be used in the event of a mechanical uprising. He's decided to entrust the weapon to you to aid in the crusade. The weapon should be in the bathroom of Edgewater's cantina.
4 Return to Ludwig.You found the weapon that Ludwig had stashed in Edgewater. Return to him and learn how he intends to use it against the mechanical menace.
5 Retrieve a Logic ModuleThe geothermal plant in the northwest portion of the region has been taken over by automechanicals. Ludwig wants you to infiltrate the plant and retrieve a logic module from one of the automechanicals there.
6 Return to Ludwig.Head back to the landing pad and deliver the logic module to Ludwig.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Although Ludwig says Geothermal Passcode is needed to enter the plant to pick up the logic module and the journal updates accordingly[1], the module can be accessed without it if one has high enough lockpick skill (62 with Peril on Gorgon). The quest can be completed without ever talking to Reed Tobson - upon picking up the module the journal will update and the objective "Speak with Reed" will be completed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The name of this quest is a reference to the classic science fiction novel I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Journal: "Ludwig wants you to head to the region's geothermal plant for an important mission, but to gain entry to the plant you'll need to get the passcode from Reed Tobson, who runs the town of Edgewater."
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