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The Distillery is a location in Roseway Gardens on Terra 2. The Wooly cow rug ship decoration is found here.

Background[edit | edit source]

There is a terminal entry in the Covert Lab that alludes to the distillery, where Vaughn Cortes messaged Orson Shaw to inform him that a new batch of "concentrated distillate" is available. Concentrated distillate is an alcoholic drink, whose recipe can be found in Maria Volkova's quarters in the Storage Facility.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The distillery consists of a single-roomed cave with a couple of stills and a number of bottles and other liquor related items. A wooly cow rug is located by the four chairs on the left. Surprisingly, even though you're in a distillery, there are only 3 bottles of Spectrum Vodka here.

Companion comments[edit | edit source]

  • Ellie: "Could use a bit more angle on those arms. But they got the right idea."
  • Max: "Cave brewed spirits. Just the thing if you're looking to lower your IQ. Permanently."
  • Felix: "Nice of them to leave us a little complimentary cave-whiskey."
  • Nyoka: "Now this is my kind of hideaway! We oughta rest a spell and gather our spirits."
  • Parvati: "Oh yeah, I know what this is. Sometimes folks at the cannery would ask me to set these up for them."
  • SAM: <cheerful/upbeat music playing>
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