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Drinking Sapphire Wine is a companion quest in The Outer Worlds.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Have Parvati meet with Junlei Tennyson, the Groundbreaker's Chief Engineer.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching Groundbreaker for the first time, Parvati will ask to speak to the Stranger before disembarking the ship. She will tell the Stranger about Junlei Tennyson, an engineer aboard Groundbreaker. She asks whether they can meet with Junlei so that she can learn things about fixing actual spaceships. This starts the quest.

Junlei Tennyson is the leader of Groundbreaker and can be found in her office in Groundbreaker Engineering. Engineering is located on the opposite end of the ship from the Groundbreaker Docking Bays, past the Groundbreaker Promenade. While speaking to Junlei, prompt Parvati to speak to her. Parvati will then ask Junlei whether the latter will allow her to message and ask for advice. Junlei is happy to do so and tells Parvati to feel free to ask her anything.

Speak to Parvati again after returning to The Unreliable. She will explain that she's developing feelings for Junlei and isn't sure if they're being reciprocated. During the conversation, she will read a message from Junlei mentioning another woman, Isabelle, and become agitated. She asks the Stranger to take her to The Lost Hope on Groundbreaker and have a few drinks.

Travel to Groundbreaker and go to The Lost Hope while Parvati is in the party. Speak to Parvati and help her work through her feelings over a few drinks. After the night is over, return to the Unreliable and speak again to Parvati. She will tell the Stranger how the conversation with Junlei panned out and thank them for taking her out drinking, completing the quest.

Quest Stages[edit | edit source]

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Introduce Parvati to Junlei TennysonParvati is keen to meet Groundbreaker's engineer, Junlei. She's ask you to take her along next time you happen by that way.
2 Return to the Unreliable and ask Parvati about JunleiThanks to your introduction, Parvati and Junlei hit it off. Check in with Parvati back on the ship to see how things are progressing between the two of them.
3 Take Parvati to the Lost Hope on the GroundbreakerParvati wants to get drinks at the bar on the Groundbreaker and discuss her situation with Junlei.
4 Talk to Parvati in the BarYou've reached the Lost Hope. Time for that discussion.
5 Take Parvati Back to the ShipWith her first night out drinking behind her, Parvati would like to talk to you on the ship.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Two messages that Junlei sends to Parvati, including her poem, are available to view on the terminal in the Unreliable's captain's quarters after completing this quest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Drinking Sapphire Wine" is the name of a novel written by Tanith Lee, first published in 1977. It's set in a dystopian, high-tech science fiction universe replete with many elements similar to The Outer Worlds. Tanith was a feminist author, writing about complex concepts of gender and identity. She preceded "Drinking Sapphire Wine" with another novel in the same universe called "Don't Bite the Sun" (the name of Parvati's other companion quest).
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