The Early Retirement Center is the safest place in the entire system. Not a single crime has been committed within its walls since its construction. Wow!
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Early Retirement District is a location in Byzantium on Terra 2.

Background[edit | edit source]

The early retirement district is where winners of the early retirement program are sent. The idea for the program came from Aloysius Clarke and is endorsed by Charles Rockwell.[1] The early retirement district advertised as an exclusive and luxurious district with various amenities, such as a luxury penthouse. The amenities are said to be complimentary for the entirety of the retirees' stay, courtesy of Halcyon Holdings Corporation, meaning that residents will not have to spend any bits. Some services advertised to be in the district include C&P's Blazin' Boarst Barbecue, Rizzo's All You Can Crunch Cereal Buffet and a Spacer's Choice bar. The retirees are chosen by lottery that anyone can enter, and nobody besides the winners are allowed to enter the district.

In reality, however, the retirees are executed upon entry into the lower level of the area by automechanicals. If told the true nature of the program, Hortense Ingalsbee phrases it as a sham perpetuated by the Board to "dispose of the rabble" by removing "the most burdensome members of our society." More and more retirees have been sent to their death in the past month to the point that guards outside the district feel like factory workers. Halcyon Holdings Corporation and its subsidiaries are relieved of of all responsibility, because before entering the district, the retirees must sign a liability waiver where they assume all liability for injury, death or loss of personal items.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Outside area

The early retirement district is located near the docking bays of Byzantium. The outside section of it has a waiting area, a control room with a terminal that can only be unlocked with the Docking Bay Terminal Codes and a storage area with a small bin and a locked (Lockpick 65) large bin. Before completing the quest Why Call Them Back From Retirement?, the entry area to the early retirement has Corporate soldiers and a line of retirees who feel grateful or lucky about their retirement in the early retirement district.


The entrance to the retirement district is a luxurious looking hallway with early retirement fun facts on the sides and two vending machines in the corners. An announcement plays over the intercom, welcoming the retirees to the district and telling about the various activities and amenities available in the district. Through the door is another lavish hallway with a terminal beside a sealed door where retirees must consent to the rules of the district and a liability waiver. After consenting, the elevator to the district can be accessed. While descending, the announcement and elevator music becomes distorted and the walls become worn and dirty looking.

Retirement district

At the bottom of the elevator is a dirty hallway with a large door at the end. Behind the door is a large room with deceased retirees and skeletons on the floor, and some janitors cleaning the area. Doors around the room begin opening one by one, revealing hostile automechanicals. The log Refund request: T&L shock cannon can be found beside a deceased guard who is leaning against the wall in a hallway through a door on the southeastern wall. Next to the guard is a Shock Cannon Ultra and some energy cells. Some bins can also be found around the area. On the opposite side of the room from the elevator is a terminal that can be used to disable the automechanicals (Hack 65) and to unseal a hatch that leads to the Maintenance Tunnels. On the other side is another room filled with automechanicals. The room contains minor loot and some containers, one of which is locked (Lockpick 40). In the northwestern corner is a door (Lockpick 65) that leads to a small room containing destroyed automechanicals, some containers and some minor loot. In the northeastern corner is a barred door that can be used to enter the rest of the Maintenance Tunnels.

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NPCs[edit | edit source]

Ambient NPCs

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Logs[edit | edit source]

Companion reactions[edit | edit source]

(Upon entering the basement and witnessing the true nature of the program)

  • Felix: "Hey. Wait a second. This ain't a retirement program."
  • SAM: "Don't forget to properly dispose of all corpses in a Board-regulated space-compacting container."

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