Edgewater is a Spacer's Choice company town located in the Emerald Vale on the planet Terra 2. Its primary function is supporting the operation of the town's Saltuna Cannery which is supervised by Reed Tobson. The town's power comes from the local Geothermal Power Plant and shares its power with the region's Botanical Labs.

When the Stranger arrives in Edgewater, the town is struggling. It has been several seasons since the town has seen any visitors[1] and a significant proportion of its population has fallen ill with a plague that began in the last few years. The plague is caused by poor diet and began when the cannery began experiencing a shortage of saltuna and had to stretch its supplies by adding other ingredients to its mixture including wood chips, mushrooms, sand, and canid bits.[2] However, the town's leadership claims that is is caused by poor work ethic and that only lazy workers contract the plague.[3] There is insufficient medicine to go around and is only given to those who are deemed deserving of treatment.[4] The situation has led many of Edgewater's residents to desert the town, several joining a growing camp of Deserters led by former saltuna flavor specialist, Adelaide McDevitt, who are based at the Botanical Labs.

One of the few remnants of hope of the community comes from the words and teachings of Maximillian DeSoto, a Vicar of The Order of Scientific Inquiry who can be found tending his flock at the Vicarage.

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Unique weapons[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Location
Impact hammer icon.png Maxwell Purchased from Julius Moreau.
Sawed-off shotgun icon.png Peacekeeper Pickpocketed off of Constable Reyes.

Quest items[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Location
Geothermal passcode.png Geothermal Passcode Given by Reed Tobson
Sealed bundle.png Sealed Bundle Found in Spacer's Choice Cantina
Gravesite fee.png Conrad's gravesite fee Given by Conrad Sadik
Gravesite fee.png Phyllis's gravesite fee Given by Phyllis Granger
Gravesite fee.png Abernathy's gravesite fee Given by Martin Abernathy
Journal.png Guide to Mechanical Engineering Volume 2 Found in Saltuna Cannery
Junior deputy constable's badge.png Junior deputy constable's badge Given by Constable Reyes

Logs[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Location
Damaged letter.png Damaged letter Behind the Sick House.
Letter from Phyllis.png Letter from Phyllis Back room of the Emerald Vale Barber Shop.
Gravesite fee.png Phyllis's Gravesite Fee (log) Talk to Phyllis Granger in the Saltuna Cannery during the quest A Small Grave Matter.
Sealed bundle.png Sealed bundle (log) Pick up the Sealed Bundle in the Spacer's Choice Cantina during the quest Die, Robot.
Wanted Bertie Cotton.png WANTED: Bertie Cotton Outside of the Constabulary.
Wanted Doc Maybell.png WANTED: Doc Maybell Outside of the Constabulary.
Wanted Guillaume Antrim.png WANTED: Guillaume Antrim Outside of the Constabulary.
Wanted Phineas V Welles.png WANTED: Phineas V. Welles Inside of the Constabulary.

Achievements/Trophies[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Ludwig Was Right.png Ludwig was Right Brought robo-destruction to Edgewater. 15 Bronze
Mightier than the Sword.png Mightier than the Sword Saved Edgewater permanently. 15 Bronze

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References[edit | edit source]

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