"For all your Emergency Medicinal Inhaling needs! If you are hurt but cannot breathe, see a doctor."

Description Edit

The Emergency Medicinal Inhaler is a usable item in The Outer Worlds. It can be used to gain a variety of boosts, based on the drugs mixed in it. The inhaler activates all slotted consumables simultaneously allowing you to quickly treat injuries and enhance your abilities.

Adreno will always be equipped on the inhaler, until you run out of course. When your Inhaler finishes off a stock of consumables, it will automatically reload itself with another stock of the same type, if available.

Increase your Medical skill to unlock more drug mixing slots that can hold all types of Consumables. The medical skill also increases the duration of all effects.

Increase your Inspiration score to allow you to heal your companions as well. A higher score increases how much healing your companions get with each use.

Related achievements-trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Health Insurance Health Insurance Used the medical inhaler 300 times. 15 Bronze


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