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Fallbrook is a town located on Monarch, loosely run by the SubLight Salvage and Shipping Corporation.


Fallbrook is a small town built beneath a mountain, whose construction was masterminded by Catherine Malin.[Citation needed] Fallbrook have a lot of activities to offer to its visitors, from those who search activities of leisure to those with proclivities for vice.

The choice of such location was due to the activities of doubtful legality that are exercised in the town.[Citation needed] The mountain offers a hiding place for smugglers and outlaws and provides the opportunity for different Byzantium socialites and high spheres of Terra 2 to enter and leave Monarch without being seen by The Board. It is also a good place for the clandestine entry of Terra 2's resources on Monarch, activity banned with the Hazard Clause promulgated by The Board.

Fallbrook's main source of food resources comes from the C&P Boarst Factory.

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