Oh. Well this is certainly... a town. I think?

Fallbrook is a company town located on Monarch, loosely run by the SubLight Salvage and Shipping Corporation.

Background[edit | edit source]

Fallbrook is a small town built into the side of a mountain, whose construction was masterminded by Catherine Malin.[1] Fallbrook has a lot of activities to offer to its visitors, from those who search for activities of leisure to those with proclivities for vice.

The choice of such a location was due to the activities of doubtful legality that are exercised in the town. The mountain offers a hiding place for smugglers and outlaws and provides the opportunity for different Byzantium socialites and high spheres of Terra 2 to enter and leave Monarch without being seen by The Board. It is also a good place for the clandestine entry of Terra 2's resources on Monarch, activity banned with the Hazard Clause promulgated by The Board.[2] Fallbrook's main source of food resources comes from the C&P Boarst Factory.

Layout[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Lyanna Reed: "Do I look like the city planner? I wasn't exactly consulted on blueprints when Catherine started building out Fallbrook."
  2. Lyanna Reed: "We got smugglers, outlaws, mavericks, and Byzantium socialites flying in and out Fallbrook all the time. Why openly spit in the Board's eye?"
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