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Felix Millstone is a possible companion for the player character. He is a young box carrier living on Groundbreaker, known for causing trouble. He is able to add to the persuade score for speech checks, as well as adding to the player character's lockpick and persuade skills.


Felix is a rebel without a cause. According to his Tactical Time Dilation description, he is also a rebel without a clue and a drop-kick afficionado. He’s a young, impetuous, brash kid and fan of tossball who really loves fighting 'the man.' He doesn’t have a stable political philosophy beyond 'smash the system,' and he tends to get in trouble everywhere he goes.

Felix was an orphan who grew up in the Back Bays, also known as a stowaway. When asked about his family by Parvati, he'll admit to her that it was a little lonely, but he's not interested in pining over his family. During a conversation on Gorgon, he tells the player character that he never got proper schooling, and learned everything he knew from watching serials. At some point, he joined up with Clyde Harlow's crew, and Harlow became something of a mentor to him, teaching him "how to think, how to question and how to disobey," before up and vanishing one day.

When the player character finds him, Felix has got himself into an altercation with his foreman, which involved his foreman making fun of his favorite tossball team – and that’s just not acceptable. Despite his problem with authority, Felix will latch onto the player character very quickly.[Check Relevance] At one point, he got caught lifting some "spare parts" from the Groundbreaker.[1] He also gets along well with the outlaw MacRedd in the Back Bays.

Interactions with the player character[]

The player first encounters Felix in the docking bay of Groundbreaker. After a brief discussion, they part ways. A short while later though, when the player returns to their ship, Felix is standing nearby, admiring it, and offers his services as a companion.

Interactions with other crew members[]

Nyoka praises his fighting abilities, but "looks the other way when he starts talking anti-corporate". [2] Felix considers himself and Nyoka experts on Monarch's fauna, although all he knows about the planet mostly comes from serials.

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  1. Junlei Tennyson: (to Felix) "Just try not to steal any critical parts from my ship."
    Felix: "It's possible I got caught lifting some spare parts a couple years back. But it was only just that one time. Honest."
  2. Nyoka (to Clyde Harlow): "He kicks things what need kicking, and we look the other way when he starts talking anti-corporate. It's a good arrangement."