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"Whatever you heard? It's all true."

Felix Millstone is a possible companion for the player character. He is a young box carrier living on Groundbreaker, known for causing trouble. He is able to add to the intimidation score for speech checks, as well as adding to the player character's lockpick and persuade skills.

Background Edit

Felix is a rebel without a cause. According to some companions,[Citation needed] he would also be a rebel without a clue. He’s a young, impetuous, brash kid and fan of tossball who really loves fighting 'the man.' He doesn’t have a stable political philosophy beyond 'smash the system,' and he tends to get in trouble everywhere he goes.

When the player character finds him, Felix has got himself into an altercation with his foreman, which may have involved his foreman making fun of his favorite tossball team – and that’s just not acceptable. Despite his problem with authority, Felix will latch onto the player character very quickly.[Check Relevance]

When asked about his family by Parvati, he reveals he is an orphan. Though he admits it was lonely, he sees not having a family as a positive, as he isn't fond of being pinned down.

Interactions with the player character Edit

The player first encounters Felix in the docking bay of Groundbreaker. After a brief discussion, they part ways. A short while later though, when the player returns to their ship, Felix is standing nearby admiring it and offers his services as a companion.

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Theories Edit

Felix is the son of Charles RockwellEdit

Felix casually and apparently mockingly mentions being Rockwell's orphan child when first asked how he ended up on the Groundbreaker, "Didn't I tell you? I'm secretly the Chairman's orphan child, abandoned at birth in the Back Bays." The dumb option for the player will ask him if this is really true, but Felix will say that he was just deflecting the question.

If the Stranger talks to Chairman Rockwell on Tartarus while Felix is in tow, he will address him with familiarity, calling the Stranger "a babysitter", and while calling Felix "the kid". Agreeing to work with the Chairman in this interaction will also prompt Felix to leave your party after feeling betrayed.

Felix's last name, Millstone, may also be seen as a spin-off of the name the chairman's last name, Rockwell.

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