Final Notice - Shuster, C. is a log.

Location[edit | edit source]

The notice is on a counter in the lobby of the Terra One Publications, in the Monarch Wilderness.

Log Text[edit | edit source]

To Whom it May Concern:

I, Caden Shuster, do hereby declare my official resignation. Delivery services to the Terra 1 printing facility #OD-2214 shall cease forthwith.

During my tenure of service, I have made known numerous complaints regarding the hazards of working on this Law-forsaken rock, including, but not limited to:

1. The infestation of unknown insects in my sinus cavities, resulting in weeks of unpaid leave
2. The as-yet un-reimbursed loss of several articles of clothing due to the acidic properties of the local atmosphere
3. The constant, unrelenting aggression for local wildlife
4. A persistent itching and coughing malady in my lungs, likely due to breathing in trace amounts of sulfur
5. Equally persistent indigestion, a symptom of an overall nutritional problem stemming from the fact that I am in fact allergic to fish, which is the main diet provided to service workers based in Stellar Bay

I have received the following responses to these complaints, all of which I deem unacceptable:

1. At my resulting loss of olfactory senses, I was deemed, quote, "lucky to no longer suffer the stench of fish and sulfur."
2. My wardrobe was replaced with uniforms out of Stellar Bay - which suffered the exact same degradation and I was thus no better off.
3. At my insistence, I was awarded the services of a local hunter, one "N. Ramnarim-Wentworth," who spent the entire service call inebriated and offending my sensibilities with off-color language
4. After a thorough medical examination, I was found to be in "working health," which was deemed more fortunate than many
5. At my insistence that additional dietary needs be offered, I was instead awarded extra supplies of toilet paper.

After this latest response, I hereby tell whoever is reading this to go hang themselves, and that your replacement rollers, ink carts, belting, bindings, keys, stamps, lubricants, and whatever else is in these infernal boxes can all be found rotting in the wilderness.

Good day to you.

Caden Shuster

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