Flaws are a gameplay mechanic in The Outer Worlds. They are permanent negative attributes applied to the player character; they cannot be removed. There are about two dozen different flaws available. The number of flaws one can have in one play through though is limited to three on normal difficulty, four on hard, and five on supernova. Each flaw obtained will cause negative effects to afflicted to the Stranger, however, it also results in a perk point being given.

Although accepting flaws is optional in most difficulties, in supernova all flaws are accepted automatically when offered.


The player character is given the choice to take on a flaw after fighting a certain type of enemy many times.

The player chooses to take them in lieu of the immediate consequences of something terrible happening, like being fatally wounded by an animal.


Flaws negatively impact the player or their companion's stats, but they're granted one Perk point immediately to balance it out. There is no negative consequence to rejecting a flaw.


Name Cause Effects Quote
Cynophobia Being attacked by Canids Perception -1
Perception -1
Temperament -1
"Mauled too many times by Canids, you get the jitters every time one's attacking, making you less effective."

Herpetophobia Repeated encounters with Mantisaurs Dexterity -1
Perception -1
Temperament -1
"After too many encounters with Mantipillars and Mantisaurs, you're not quite yourself when any of the Manti-family of creatures are attacking your party."

Paranoid Repeatedly getting caught by guards in Restricted Areas Personality Attributes -1
"Repeatedly getting caught by guards in Restricted Areas has made you jittery, doubly so when roaming around Restricted Areas or sneaking."

Plasma Weakness Getting burned too many times Plasma Damage Received +25%
"Getting burned too many times has made you susceptible to Plasma damage."

Raptiphobia Repeated encounters with Raptidons Endurance -1
Willpower -1
Temperament -1
"Repeated encounters with Raptidons has lessened your effectiveness when they're attacking you or your Companions."

Robophobia Repeated encounters with Automechanicals Dexterity -1.0
Perception -1.0
Temperament -1.0
"Automechanicals now give you the willies, and when they're attacking your party you're not as effective as you should be."

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