Flaws are a gameplay mechanic in The Outer Worlds. They are permanent negative attributes applied to the player character; they cannot be removed. There are about two dozen different flaws available. The number of flaws one can have in one play through though is limited to three on normal difficulty, four on hard, and five on supernova. Each flaw obtained will cause negative effects to afflict the Stranger, however it also grants a perk point.


The player character is given the choice to take on a flaw after taking certain action, taking certain kind of damage, or fighting a certain type of enemy many times.


Flaws negatively impact the player or their companion's stats, but they're granted one Perk point immediately to balance it out. There is no negative consequence to rejecting a flaw.


Name Cause Effects Game description
Acrophobia Repeatedly taking fall damage Dexterity -1
Perception -1
Temperament -1
After repeatedly falling from great heights, you no longer function well when the ground is far beaneath you.
Corrosive Weakness Suffering too much corrosive damage Corrosive Damage Received +25% Suffering too many corrosive burns has made you weak against Corrosive damage.
Cynophobia Being attacked by Canids Perception -1
Perception -1
Temperament -1
Mauled too many times by Canids, you get the jitters every time one's attacking, making you less effective.
Drug Addiction Repeatedly consuming drugs Dexterity -1

Perception -1

Temperament -1

Taking as many drugs as you have has turned to an addiction.
Farsighted Repeatedly blinded while holding melee weapons Melee Weapon Skills -10 Repeated eye injuries have made it harder for you to notice things close to you.
Nearsighted Repeatedly blinded while holding ranged weapons

Ranged Weapon Skills -10

Too many blows to the eyes have made it harder to see things far away from you.
Food Addiction Eating a lot Dexterity -1
Perception -1
Temperament -1
You can't seem to stop yourself from eating, even food that's bland or horribly flavored. Not eating often will cause withdrawals.
Herpetophobia Repeated encounters with Mantisaurs. Dexterity -1
Perception -1
Temperament -1
After too many encounters with Mantipillars and Mantisaurs, you're not quite yourself when any of the Manti-family of creatures are attacking your party.
Paranoid Repeatedly getting caught by guards in Restricted Areas Personality Attributes -1 Repeatedly getting caught by guards in Restricted Areas has made you jittery, doubly so when roaming around Restricted Areas or sneaking.
Partially Blind Repeatedly taking damage in the eyes +100% Ranged Weapon Spread Too much damage to your eyes has permanently lowered your accuracy.
Permanent Concussion Repeatedly getting hit or shot in the head Mind Attributes -1 Having been hit in the head one too many times, your mental faculties have been permanently affected.
Permanently Crippled Suffering fall damage too many times Movement speed -30%
Unable to dodge
Your legs have been damaged too many times, and your movement speed has now been permanently lowered.
Permanently Maimed unknown Offense Skills -20% Your arms have taken way too much damage, and you're no longer as good with weapons as you used to be.
Physical Damage Weakness Suffering too much physical damage Physical Damage Received +25% Taking too much Physical Damage has made you soft and vulnerable to more Physical damage.
Pithecophobia Repeated encounters with Primals Dexterity -1
Perception -1
Temperament -1
After getting repeatedly beaten up by Primals, you no longer function when they attack you and your companions.
Plasma Weakness Getting burned too many times Plasma Damage Received +25% Getting burned too many times has made you susceptible to Plasma damage.
Raptiphobia Repeated encounters with Raptidons Endurance -1
Willpower -1
Temperament -1
Repeated encounters with Raptidons has lessened your effectiveness when they're attacking you or your Companions.
Robophobia Repeated encounters with Automechanicals Dexterity -1.0
Perception -1.0
Temperament -1.0
Automechanicals now give you the willies, and when they're attacking your party you're not as effective as you should be.
Shock Weakness Suffering too much Shock damage Shock Damage Received +25% Having been shocked too many times, you have become sensitive to Shock damage.
Smoke Addiction Using Nicotine Consumables Dexterity -1

Perception -1

Temperament -1

You don't know what they put in with the tobacco, but you can't go long between smokes without suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Related achievements-trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Flawed Hero Flawed Hero Acquired 3 flaws. 15 Bronze


  • Being in the vicinity of SAM will also trigger the effects of Robophobia, even though the flaw itself states that the effects are only in place during combat with robots.
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