Independent orbital station in the remains of Halcyon's first colony ship. Captained by Junlei Tennyson and run by descendants of the original crew.
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UDL-001 The Groundbreaker or simply Groundbreaker was the first colony ship to arrive in Halcyon during the Crossing. By 2355, it has been converted into an independent orbital station, and is the only place in the entire Halcyon system that is not controlled by the Halcyon Holdings Corporate Board or any other corporation.

Background[edit | edit source]

The crew of the Groundbreaker is fiercely protective of their independence from the corporations, and the corporations value the station's role as a thriving freeport enough that they are willing to deal with it on relatively equal terms. In practical terms, while the Groundbreaker rules itself, it cooperates with the corporations to an extent, such as by impounding ships that the Board happens to flag.

The Groundbreaker is commanded by engineer-turned-captain Junlei Tennyson. Udom Bedford is the Halcyon Holdings Corporation representative stationed aboard.

According to Junlei, lots of corners were cut when the ship was built, prompting Captain Guiying Tennyson to spend half of her career attempting to patch the ship back together after the Crossing from Earth to Halcyon.[1] In addition, the ship has tinkerings and bypasses that only the Tennysons know about.[2]

Faction Relationships[edit | edit source]

The Board

The Groundbreaker maintains a somewhat tense relationship with the Board, owing to their declared independence from Board authority, as well as their control of shipping routes outward from the Halcyon System. Nonetheless, given that Groundbreaker lacks any semblance of military might against the Board beyond the mardets stationed aboard the ship, the loose hierarchy in charge of the Groundbreaker often seeks to find (illicit) ways of delaying, stymieing, or pitting corporations under the Board's thumb against each other, usually through black market fences like Gladys Culkelly. Nonetheless, the Board maintains an embassy aboard the Groundbreaker run by bureaucrat Udom Bedford. Depending on the actions of the Stranger, the Groundbreaker's crew may be compelled to rebel against the Board's system-wide authority.

Sublight Salvage and Shipping Corporation

The Groundbreaker is generally neutral to Sublight Salvage and Shipping Corporation, and allows them to operate an office and warehouse aboard the ship, helmed by Lilya Hagen.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Groundbreaker Deck

The main deck of the Groundbreaker is now full of corporate establishments and businesses, selling goods both legal and illegal to inquiring customers. Corporations known to operate aboard the Groundbreaker include C&P and Spacer's Choice.


The large central area of the ship is host to several shops and important locations.

Back Bays

The Back Bays are the semi-abandoned lower decks of the Groundbreaker, and for the most part, are a slum home to orphans and outlaws. Felix Millstone was an orphan who grew up in the Back Bays.

Location(s)[edit | edit source]

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Quests[edit | edit source]

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NPCs[edit | edit source]

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Ambient NPCs

Companions[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Ambient Creatures

Key Items[edit | edit source]

Unique weapons[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Location
Montag icon.png Montag Pickpocketed or looted off of Captain MacRedd.
Salvager's helper icon.png Salvager's Helper Purchased from Gladys Culkelly.
Prismatic hammer icon.png Prismatic Hammer In the sealed Repair Hangar which can be accessed via a loose panel in the back of the Stevedore's Quarters.

Unique armor[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Location
MoonManHelmet.png Defective MoonMan Helmet In the locked (Lockpick 20) storage room in the Spacer's Choice Vendor.
MoonManHelmet.png MoonMan helmet Purchased from Martin Callahan or looted off his body.
Opti-Goggles icon.png Welder's Goggles Received for completing Happiness is a Warm Spaceship.

Logs[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Location
Auntie Cleo Food Service Automechanical Repair Manual.png Auntie Cleo Food Service Automechanical Repair Manual On a desk next to an Auntie Cleo worker in Auntie's Kitchen.
Journal.png Battered Mardet Datapad Purchased from Gladys Culkelly.
Sealed envelope.png Byzantium Travel Authorization Papers Received from Udom Bedford during Balance Due.
Crumpled instructions.png Crumpled Instructions Next to the corpse of a Stevedore in Waste Disposal.
Dangerous Frontiers, by Ophelia Sweeney.png Dangerous Frontiers, by Ophelia Sweeney On a crate in Lilya Hagen's office.
Halcyon news chairman salutes earth minister clarke.png Halcyon News - Chairman Salutes Earth Minister Clarke On a coffee table in the Stevedore Quarters.
Halcyon news media circus surrounds circustime clowns.png Halcyon News - Media Circus Surrounds CircusTime Clowns On a desk in the Stevedore Quarters.
Junior Mycologist's Log.png Junior Mycologist's Log In the Back Bays, in an upper floor room containing a garden.
Junlei's locket.png Junlei's Locket On a desk near Junlei Tennyson in Engineering.
Maintenance Work Order.png Maintenance Work Order Next to a dead engineer in the upper levels of Groundbreaker, near some mantipillars.
Patient's medical chart.png Patient's Medical Chart On a cart in the Medical Bay.
Radiator parts.png Radiator Parts In the Back Bays, on the wall of an upper-level room.
Squatter's journal.png Squatter's Journal In a maintenance shaft behind the Rest-N-Go.
SubLight A Legitimate Business.png SubLight: A Legitimate Business On Lilya Hagen's desk.
Wanted Gunnar MacRedd.png WANTED: Gunnar MacRedd Posted on a pole near the vending machines in the Groundbreaker Docking Bays.
Wanted Phineas V Welles.png WANTED: Phineas V. Welles Posted on a pole near the vending machines in the Groundbreaker Docking Bays.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • One Rest-N-Go Keycard can be used to open any of the three safes located in the storage room behind the counter in Rest-N-Go. Two can be found in the open (must be stolen), and a third is pickpocketed from Milo Ottinger.
  • Raising your reputation on The Groundbreaker will substantially lower prices at shops on the Promenade.
  • Groundbreaker used to have a self-destruct mechanism, but Junlei repurposed it some years before.[3]

Related achievements-trophies[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Something's Fishy.png SubLight to the End Completed the Sublight quest lines. 15 Bronze

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Fluid Circulation Pump Terminal, Cobbled Together, Maintenance Shaft (Groundbreaker)
  2. Junlei Tennyson, after completing Happiness is a Warm Spaceship, Groundbreaker Engineering
  3. Junlei Tennyson: "I gelded that thing years ago. Now it brews stim that goes down stronger than Nanner Spank. Family recipe.
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