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Happiness is a Warm Spaceship is a side quest.


Help Junlei Tennyson fix the radiator arrays maintenance shaft.


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Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Get New Parts for the RadiatorsYou need to get new parts for the Radiator Array to keep the Groundbreaker from overheating. Junlei wants you to salvage the parts for the radiators from old machinery in the back bays.
2 Talk to Junlei about the PartsGo talk to Junlei to figure out what to do with the radiator parts you found.
3 Fix the RadiatorsJunlei told you to enter the maintenance shaft and help her install the new parts for the radiators. She warned you to go armed.
4 Return to JunleiFollow up with Junlei to let her know the radiators are fixed nd to claim your reward.


  • If you peacefully completed the bounty hunting quest "Who Goes There" before starting this quest, you will not get a dialog option with Macredd to negotiate for the parts, and will be forced to fight.
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