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The Hope is the second colony ship that had been intended to colonize Halcyon. Among the thousands of would-be colonists aboard is the Stranger, a colonist who Phineas Vernon Welles selects to help him rescue the others.

Background Edit

The Hope began its journey to Halcyon in 2285. After coming out of skipspace early due to a drive malfunction, the Hope was forced to use its sublight engines to continue, greatly extending the length of the trip. When it was finally found adrift in 2320, its colonists had spent too much time in stasis to be safely revived, and the Halcyon Holdings Corporate Board no longer knew what to do with them. The Hope was moved to an orbit over Typhon and abandoned indefinitely.

Related achievements-trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Lost and Found Lost and Found Skipped the Hope. 15 Bronze
Sunburn Sunburn Skipped the Hope into the sun. 15 Bronze


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