The Lie skill is used in conversations and has a chance to inflict Scramble (slowly attack allies) on Automechanicals when attacking you.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • 20 NOVICE: Scramble: 15% chance Automechanicals will slowly attack other enemies instead of you for 17 seconds
  • 40 COMPETENT: Scramble Duration +7 seconds
  • 60 ADEPT: Scrambled Automechanicals attack at their normal speed
  • 80 EXPERT: Automechanical Scramble Chance +10%
  • 100 MASTER: Scrambled Automechanical Weakspot Damage +30%
  • 150 VIRTUOSO: Chance to scramble resets 10s after Automechanical attacks you
    • Requires Peril on Gorgon
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