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Unauthorized use of this item by any person without a security rating of A-5 is a Class C felony.

The mag-pick is a general item used in the picking of locks.


The mag-pick takes the form of a blue circular frame housing metallic wiring with a red wire and a blue wire extending from the device. The device is intended to be used by personnel with a security rating of A-5, with unauthorized use being classed as a Class C felony across the colonies.

The mag-pick is used to pick various locks around the system, with most locks requiring multiple mag-picks to open. Opening a lock with mag-picks will consume the mag-picks.



  • One can be found underneath the back porch of the Sick House.
  • One can be found next to the toilet in the Sick House.

Edgewater CemeteryEdit

  • One can be found on a table in the residency.
  • Two can be found in the drawers behind the terminal in the office.

Emerald ValeEdit

  • Two can be found next to Guard Pelham.
  • Three can be found in the marauder camp outside the cave housing Guard Pelham.

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