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Mantisaurs are insectoid creatures. They are aggressive, territorial, and very strong. It is possible to deal with them one on one, but it is best to avoid groups of them for your safety.


When the colonists first arrived on Monarch, one of the main issues that faced the colonies was small creatures that existed on the planet. The following failed terraforming of the planet did not help too much as it resulted in the local flora and fauna's rapid increase in size, to sizes greater than that of the average human.

Biology Edit

Mantisaurs resemble oversized praying mantises, with abilities ranging from the ability to shoot plasma at potential enemies (or prey), to hardening their carapaces to resist ballistic and energy-based weapons. Their life cycle resembles that of most Earth insects to an extent--starting from smaller caterpillar-like creatures known as mantipillars, and developing further into variants such as drones or soldiers. The Mantiqueen--the largest variant of the Mantisaur in the wild--serves to breed more Mantisaurs from vast underground nests and caverns. Mantiqueens are known to generate Mantiswarms, which are swarms of smaller insects that fire blasts of hot plasma as a defensive mechanism for the Mantiqueen. All mantisaurs have some resistance to Plasma.

Variants Edit

  • Mantisaur: Absorbs energy while blocking and can release it in a blast of plasma.
  • Mantipillar
  • Mantisaur Drone
  • Mantisaur Soldier: Weakens enemies with a tail attack.
  • Mantiswarm
  • Mantiqueen: Spawns mantiswarms and burns enemies with a ranged plasma blast.
    • Loot: Manti-Carapace: The hard upper shell of a mantisaur.
  • Mega Mantisaur: Attacks quickly and bleeds enemies with a lunge attack.
  • Karkinos - A specially named variant of a Mantisaur Soldier, located North-East of the C3 Barracks.


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