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Marilyn Fenhill better known as Ellie Fenhill is a possible companion for the Stranger. She is a mercenary and self described "sawbones".



Ellie Fenhill is a surgeon turned pirate with a jaded outlook on life. Apathetic and easygoing, she rarely judges people for their way of life or the decisions they make. When working as a mercenary she values professionalism and doesn't like to form relationships or share her emotions. She also dislikes red tape, bureaucracy[1] or anything else that could undermine her independence.

Before the events of The Outer Worlds[]

Marilyn "Ellie" Fenhill was raised by her wealthy socialite parents in Byzantium. Ellie studied to become a surgeon despite her lack of interest in the profession.[2] Dissatisfied with decadence, safety and bureaucracy of the city, she fled to become a mercenary and an adventurer.[3]

Player interactions[]

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On few occasions, Ellie will doubt Stranger's motivation for doing things - she doesn't believe in altruism and helping others "because it is right thing to do" or in "doing something out of the goodness of one's heart". [4] Even talking about friendship makes her uncomfortable[5] - she doesn't like to "introspect".[6]

Related quests[]

Additional information[]

  • Ellie wears a custom made ammo belt and has a "pirate haircut" - she wants to look like a stereotypical pirate, since she wants to "advertise her business somehow"[7].



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