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Monarch, previously known as Terra 1, is a failed colony in the Halcyon system.


A moon orbiting the gas giant Olympus, Monarch was initially designated to the primary planet of occupation, the Board had intended to completely teraform the planet; wiping out the local fauna and flora and replacing it with plants and wildlife originating from earth. The teraforming, however, resulted in the local wildlife being affected adversely to the plan, by supersizing the species, this rendering them more dangerous.

As a result of this catastrophic failure, the Board's influence on the colonists was damaged, with several groups (and individuals) rebelling against the corporation's operating on the planet. As the board and the majority of the companies on the planet withdrew, one company acquired the planet from the Board via a legal loophole and rebranded thems lives Monarch Stellar Industries. The actions of Monarch Stellar earned the ire of the Board, who subsequently declared embargo on the planet by applying the Hazard Clause in retaliation for the loss of their asset.


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