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Monarch Stellar Industries (MSI) is a corporation based on Monarch. Once a loyal Board-owned corporation, Monarch Stellar Industries split off to become their own private entity under the leadership of Sanjar Nandi. Espousing worker-centric rights and democratic ideals, Sanja seeks to bring his own brand of freedom to the rest of Halcyon.


Following the failed terraforming of Monarch and the abandonment of other corporations due to the imposition of the Hazard Clause, the precursor to Monarch Stellar took advantage of a legal loophole to acquire possession of Monarch and re-branded their corporation to match that of their newest asset.

Monarch Stellar's acquisition of the planet earned the ire of the Board, due to the loss of their asset and as such enforced an embargo on Monarch.

MSI as a corporation espouses a more egalitarian philosophy than the other companies on The Board, valuing the rights and individual liberties of its workers and employees. However, the violent and wild ecosystem of Monarch, coupled with the pressure applied from the Board-authorized Hazard Clause, have forced MSI to cut corners in their attempt at survival.

Relationships Edit

Iconoclasts Edit

MSI maintains a tense relationship with the revolutionary band of survivalists known as the Iconoclasts, in part due to the Iconoclasts believing in total anti-corporate ideals, as opposed to MSI's more corporate-egalitarian views. Depending on the actions of the Stranger, the tense relationship can spill out into warfare, or be resolved peacefully.

The Board Edit

The Board maintains a very tense relationship with MSI, owing to MSI's democratic ideals and their declared ownership of Monarch. As a result, the Board has placed Monarch, and by extension, MSI, under the Hazard Clause, which forbids off-world businesses from doing transactions on Monarch without the correct (and deliberately impossible to complete) documents. Depending on the actions of the Stranger, MSI may be compelled to rebel against the Board's authoritarianism.


  • MSI's current working slogans include: "MSI: Our Profit Margins Are STELLAR!", "MSI Saltuna: 43.28% MORE Nutrient-Dense Than the Leading Brands!", and "Stellar Bay: A Tolerable Center of Commerce in a Hostile and Chaotic Galaxy!"

Related achievements-trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Peace in Our Time Peace in Our Time Brokered peace between the Iconoclasts and MSI. 15 Bronze
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