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Moon Man is the company mascot for Spacer's Choice.


Acting as the mascot of Spacer's Choice, the Moon Man is able to be seen undergoing a variety of roles, acting as both an indicator of success and wealth, but also as worker and laborer positions, embodying both the rich and poor of Halcyon. The Moon Man's iconic round and craterous head is a popular piece of headgear among colonial citizens. Helmets based on Moon Man's head can be purchased from certain vendors.


  • Peril on Gorgon logo.png Ambrose Manor is decorated with depictions of the Moon Man: there is a huge Moon Man statue in the foyer and stained glass windows in the dining area. Wilhelmina Ambrose claims the eyes of the Moon Man follow her wherever she goes.[1]
  • Peril on Gorgon logo.png Probably Carl, a paranoid salesman who runs a store in Gorgon Canyon, is sure the Moon Man is a living being [2] and has an agenda - he spies on Carl and then tells on him to Spacer's Choice. [3]
  • The Moon Man has no neck, allowing the head to freely spin around in a 360-degree fashion. Companion comments on a Moon Man statue in a Peril on Gorgon location lampshades this.



  1. Wilhelmina Ambrose: "Hideous, isn't it? I have been meaning to have that thing removed. Maybe jettisoned into the sun. Spacer's Choice agreed to double Mother's research budget if she subjected her family to product placement. I swear those eyes follow me wherever I go."
  2. Probably Carl: "He never stops. He never sleeps."
  3. Probably Carl: "Oh, Spacer's Choice knows. Spacer's Choice knows everything, because *he* tells them. (...)He wants Spacer's Choice to think I'm crazy, you know. But I know what I am. I'm a good employee. You hear that, you sprat bastard? I'M A GOOD EMPLOYEE!"