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Name's Nyoka. I'm the best big game hunter on the planet.


Nyoka Ramnarim-Wentworth III,[1][2] more simply referred to as Nyoka, is a Monarch native, big game hunter and potential companion for the Stranger.


Nyoka is a booze-fueled hunter from the wild planet of Monarch. Her special ability consists of drinking all of her hip flask in one gulp and then opening fire on a target with her plasma light machine gun.

She acts as a physical go-between for the Information Broker, Hiram Blythe.[3]

Interactions with the player character[]

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Interactions with other crew members[]


Surprisingly, despite of them competing[4] and arguing frequently[5], Nyoka is really fond of Ellie[6]. If Nyoka is in the company during The Low Crusade, after Ellie is politely asked by her parents to never show up at her family estate again, Nyoka will try to comfort her.[7]

Vicar Max[]

Nyoka is not very fond of Max, but she doesn't hold men of the cloth in high esteem.[8] At one point while talking about the reproductive cycle of mantisaurs she even calls him slimy to his face.[9]

Related quests[]

Notable quotes[]

  • "I plan to sit here and drink until I find myself awoken sober."
  • "Nothing like the open air, Captain. My lungs are burning. I've got blisters on my toes and aches in my calves. This... this is a life!"

Additional information[]

  • It is possible Nyoka was romantically involved with Hayes. Her dialogue with Ellie about "losing someone" and "burying him" doesn't trigger before the Stranger and Nyoka visit his grave[10] and retrieve his medallion[11].
  • If the player tells Nyoka to keep her CHARON medallions in her personal quest, they will appear in her cabin aboard the Unreliable.
  • One of Nyoka's voice lines after using her Companion Action "To shreds, you say?" is likely a reference to Futurama.
  • In the Swahili language, "nyoka" means "snake."
  • If you pickpocket Nyoka's Journal off of her she will not join you as a companion.


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    Ellie: "That's 'cause I'm usually right!"
    Nyoka: "Next time, I work the score card."
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