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Parvati Holcomb is a possible companion for the player character. She is an engineer working for Spacer's Choice in the town of Edgewater. Specifically she keeps the Saltuna Cannery's machinery operational.

While in the player's party she will improve the player character's persuade, lockpick, and engineering skills.


Parvati is an empathetic yet naive mechanic. She likes to personify the machines she interacts with often giving them names. But her empathy can be overshadowed by her lack of confidence. She rarely speaks up when being reprimanded and doesn't like to make decisions by herself. She can be quite shy, frequently wanting the Stranger to talk to people on her behalf. But can be talkative with the other companions once she gets to know them.

Parvati is the daughter of Robert Holcomb and a woman named Indumati. Robert raised her alone following the decision of Spacer's Choice to separate mother and daughter. Parvati comments that it was a "practical" decision, as her mother was far too busy with the bureaucracy to raise her. Robert was the one who introduced Parvati into mechanics and taught her many of the ins and outs of the profession. Sadly, Mr. Holcomb died from a heart-attack due to being overworked. After that, she found work in Reed Tobson's employ, working the mechanical bay. She finds herself in trouble frequently however, as while she loves her life as a mechanic, she has trouble working within a schedule, and frequently misses repair deadlines.

She shows some level of distaste for the OSI Church (and by extension the faith) because of its self-equation to a working machine. She claims that the religion is "too clean", in contrast to all the machines she's worked on as a mechanic, which are always filthy.

Her feelings towards Junlei indicate she is either biromantic or homoromantic. She mentions having had partners (of unspecified gender) in the past, but also states that these relationships didn't last long due to her being mostly disinterested in "physical stuff", and her partners accusing her of being "cold", it was confirmed by narrative designer Kate Dollarhyde that Parvati is asexual.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Parvati is introduced and offered as a companion when the Stranger meets Reed Tobson for the first time in Edgewater.

Upon seeing the Unreliable for the first time Parvati will request to permanently join the Unreliable's crew.

If the player passes Silas at the Edgewater graveyard while Parvati is in their party, Silas will ask her if she is coming for a visit. She will reply no just helping this fella/lady. Talking to Silas after this will trigger unique dialogue with him and Parvati. 

If the Stranger kills Reed Tobson, Parvati will confront them about this. A determination/lie check of 10 must be passed to convince her to stay otherwise she will leave the party forever.

Related questsEdit

  • Come Now the Power - Parvati is assigned by Reed to assist you in navigating the Geothermal plant to divert power back to Edgewater. If you choose to let her accompany you, she can advise you to pay a visit to the town Vicar before heading out. Before you divert the power, she can advise you to fulfill Reed's request instead of sending it to the Botanical Lab.
  • Drinking Sapphire Wine (companion quest) - When first arriving at The Groundbreaker, Parvati will ask the player to get her acquainted with station's engineer Junlei. In choosing to pursue this quest, she will share her personal troubles in life - or what's beginning to look like it.
  • Don't Bite The Sun (companion quest) - After completing Drinking Sapphire Wine Parvati will ask for the player's help in creating the perfect date for Junlei.

Bugs Edit

  • Whether you accept or decline Parvati's request to join your crew a room with her belongings will be generated inside the ship.
  • Declining Parvati's request to join your crew will result in her despawning and no longer being able to be interacted with without the use of console commands.
  • It is possible that the end credits will state that Parvati did not survive traveling with you even if she is alive and well at the end of the game. This can happen even on a game that is not played on the Supernova difficulty setting where companion characters do not permanently die during gameplay. (PC).


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