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Passage to Anywhere is a main quest.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In order to revive the rest of the colonists on the Hope, Dr. Welles needs the Stranger to travel to Stellar Bay on the terraformed moon of Monarch. Monarch is interdicted by the Halcyon Holdings corporate board, so the navkey must be procured through unofficial channels. Welles recommends that the Stranger speak to Gladys Culkelly on the Groundbreaker about obtaining a navkey.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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As hinted at by Welles, it is possible to skip this quest by travelling to the Cascadia Landing Bay on Monarch. Upon entering orbit, Dr. Welles will warn against landing in Cascadia, as it is extremely dangerous. However, one can choose to ignore his warning, and land in the city, thus starting the next quest Radio Free Monarch. From there, you must proceed northwest out of the city to eventually reach Stellar Bay. Be warned, as you will have to pass through a multitude of Mantiqueens, Mantipillars, Mantisaur Soldiers, Mantiswarms, and many variants of Raptidon. One must also pass through the Sulfur Pits, past Terra One Publications, and finally through Stellar Bay Ruins (North). Once the Stranger enters Stellar Bay, this quest will be marked as completed.

Quest stages[edit | edit source]

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Purchase a Navkey to Stellar Bay from GladysGladys is willing to sell you a Navkey to Stellar Bay for 10000 bits. Gladys offered you a job investigating a distress signal on Terra-2. Gladys mentioned that Junlei Tennyson, the Groundbreaker's captain, is always willing to put available captains to work. You can also check the bounty board in t he docking bay for work.
2 Speak to Gladys on the GroundbreakerPhineas Welles wants you to contact Gladys, a black market fence located on the Groundbreaker, the only neutral station in the Halcyon colony. She can sell you a Navkey to Stellar Bay on Monarch.
3 (Optional) Retrieve the Holographic ShroudPhineas Welles mentioned that he gave a device to Alex Hawthorne - the Holographic Shroud. It uses biometric data from identity cartridges to project a disguise around you. This will be useful for gaining access to restricted areas.
4 Talk to Udom BedfordGroundbreaker security informed you that your ship has been impounded by order of the BOard. You need to clear this up with Udom Bedford, the Halcyon Holdings Board representative on the station.
5 Purchase a Navkey to Stellar Bay from GladysGladys is willing to sell you a Navkey to Stellar Bar for 10000 bits
6 Inform Dr. Welles You Have a NavkeyYou finally have a Navkey to Stellar Bay on Monarch. Inform Dr. Welles so you can learn why you need to travel to the restricted planet and who you need to meet once you're there. ADA should be able to establish a connection with Welles.
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