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Passion Pills is a companion quest in the Outer Worlds.


Nyoka said she'll help guide you through the Monarch wilderness, but only if you can sober her up. The player has to go to the MSI Dispensary and acquire the Caffenoid she needs to sober up.


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Quest StagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
1 Get Nyoka's Medicine from the MSI DispensaryNyoka needs a "steroid-or-caffeine something." the dispensary serves them, but she has reached her month's allotment.
2 Return with Nyoka's CaffenoidYou have Nyoka's pills.

Bugs Edit

  • If the Stranger doesn't agree immediately to get her the Caffenoid, or point out that caffeine isn't a real drug there is a big chance that you lock yourself out of getting her as a companion.
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