"Welcome to Perk Selection. On this screen, you can choose which Perks to buy with your Perk Points. You get a new Perk Point to spend every 2 levels. You can also acquire Perk Points through gameplay, such as accepting a Flaw. Acquiring 5 new perks makes the next tier of perks available to you!" Auntie Cleo

Perks are a way to customize your character to fit your playstyle.

Perks are earned every 2 levels and they can also be earned by accepting Flaws, which are permanent debuffs that affect the player character's attributes.

There are three tiers of perks. The second tier is unlocked by acquiring five perks from Tier 1, and the third tier is unlocked by acquiring 10 perks from the previous tiers.

Companions also have perk trees, with some perks being exclusive to the companion. Companions perks are also manually selected as they level up. Companion perks are earned every 5 levels. Perk points are retroactive for companions who join you later in the game, i.e. a companion that joins you at level 12 will have 2 perk points available immediately.

List of PerksEdit

Tier 1Edit

Name Effects
A Few Bits More Vendor Ammo +100%
Cheetah Sprint speed +20%
Deadly Demonstrations XP from companion kills +50%
High Maintenance Equipment durability loss -25%
Lone Wolf Additional 25% damage when travelling alone
Pack Mule Carry weight +50
Precision Companion Crit Change +15%
Quick and the Dead TTD recharge rate + 50%
Resilient Base armor +10
Slow The World TTD meter max +25%
Strider Walk speed +25%
Toughness Base Health +50%
Traveler Fast travel when encumbered

Tier 2Edit

Name Effects
Harvester 15% health restored on kill
Hoarder Consumable weight -50%
Pack of Pack Mules Companion carry capacity +40
Rolling Thunder Companion ability cooldown reduced by 20% on kill
Run and Gun 65% movement penalty to accuracy
Scanner Headshot/Weakspot damage +20%
Snake Oil Salesman Vendor buying price +20%
Soliloquy Dialog +10 (when not using Companions)
Speed Demon TTD movement speed + 25%
Tag Team Companion ability reset chance +25% on companion ability use
The Collector Interactive object highlight range +5 meters
The Reaper TTD +25 on kill
We Band of Brothers Companion ability cooldown reset +25%
Weird Science Science weapon damage +50%

Tier 3Edit

Name Effects
Armor Master Armor Master +10% Armor Rating Bonus and +100% Armor Skill Bonus
Boom, Headshot! Headshot kills deal 25% of their damage to enemies within 2.5m
Confidence Confident: your next attack is a guaranteed Critical Hit.
Don't Go Dyin' on Me! Revive Companions to 25% Health / Cooldown: 15m
Last Stand Last Stand: +30% Damage while under 25% Health
Penetrating Shots Ranged Attacks inflict -1 Armor Rating for 10 seconds
Revenge Revenge: +20% Damage
Solo Sneaker -33% Detection Radius Of Enemies (when not using Companions)
Steady Hand -100% Ranged Weapon Sway and -100% Movement Penalty To Accuracy.
Super Pack Mule Carrying Capacity +100kg
Tactical Master Tactical Master: +70% Movement Speed during TTD for 5s
Thick Skin -15% Area Of Effect Damage Received and -15% Plasma Damage Received
Tit for Tat 15% melee damage returned as health
Wild Science Science Weapon Damage +50%
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