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"Awakening is available to all whose minds are ready to accept it." Graham Bryant

The Philosophists are one of two main religious groups in Halcyon. Philosophists seek to maintain a natural flow with the universe. Their beliefs have earned them the ire of the corporations, which officially practice and enforce Scientism.

Background Edit

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Beliefs Edit

At the core of Philosophism is the belief that the universe was created in an organic and natural way without any specific purpose. Two of the most important concepts of Philosophism are the "Awakening" and the "Eternal Truth".

The Eternal Truth is the ability to be part of the consciousness of the cosmos and to fulfill the role that the universe has given people in its eternal quest to understand itself. Coming to understand and be part of that journey is what makes any being divine.

The Awakening is the point of no return. It is the moment when the mind opens to the Eternal Truth. It is the experience that any Philosophist goes through and that can come from different vital experiences such as witnessing the death of a loved one.

Members Edit

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