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A collection of mega-corporations have bought and paid for a new dual-planet colony called Halcyon in a star system far from humanity’s home world, on the edges of known space, but still within the Milky Way Galaxy. Of the two habitable worlds, only one is terraformed, and the other still full of danger. Both have human-breathable air though, so a spacesuit is not required. Besides visiting these two planets, you will also encounter space stations and asteroids. 

You find yourself on board a massive starship, freshly thawed after a much longer than expected journey. You are on the second colony ship, which was en route to the new home, but it mysteriously got knocked out of it’s faster-than-light travel, so it took way longer to get there than it should, about 70 years in all. 

Humans can’t survive hibernating for more than a decade. Somehow, an enterprising deep space scientist has found a way to keep you alive. Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to help them find the resources they need to unfreeze the rest of the remaining settlers. You are not forced to work with him though; you can betray him to the government and work on their side.

There are various factions you can align with and several Companions to recruit. All your actions and decisions affect your reputation and instigate reactions by other characters.

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