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A Primal is an ogre-like simian creature in The Outer Worlds.

Behavior Edit

If their target is at a distance, they will hurl a mound of earth from the ground, doing moderate damage. In close quarters, they will swing their fists, doing high damage and moderate knockback.


Primals are large gorilla-like creatures native to Terra 2, and can also be found on abandoned mining outposts on the asteroid of Scylla. Primals are covered in extremely thick skin, which also appears to have bioluminescent qualities. They are also incredibly strong, and possess the ability to dig underground, only to jump out in order to attack unwitting enemies. Some Primal variants are known to have limited psychokinetic abilities, owing by their power to infuse rocks with N-Rays that can damage foes and prey. Primal brains are known to be biologically similar to the brains of Earth primates.


Notable PrimalsEdit

  • Col. Butterscotch


  • If attacked enough by primals, one may gain Pithecophobia with a perk point in return.
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