Quests are objectives issued by companions and other characters as means of progressing the main plot, or to add depth to the world and its characters.

Main quests[edit | edit source]

Name Start Location
Long Distance Sophia Akande Phineas' Lab
Brave New World Unreliable
Kept Secret But Not Forgotten
The City and the Stars
Radio Free Monarch Phineas Welles Stellar Bay
Devil's Peak Station
The Demolished Woman Sophia Akande HHC Building
Balance Due Udom Bedford Groundbreaker
Comes Now the Power Reed Tobson Edgewater
Botanical Labs
Geothermal Power Plant
Passage to Anywhere Phineas Vernon Welles
Stranger in a Strange Land Phineas Vernon Welles Emerald Vale
The Puppet Masters Udom Bedford Groundbreaker

Side quests[edit | edit source]

Name Start Location
BOLT with His Name Sanjar Nandi ARMS
By His Bootstraps Anton Crane Roseway Communication Room
Auntie-Biotics Lab
Errors Unseen Sanjar Nandi Monarch
Flowers for Sebastian Celia Robbins Stellar Bay
Happiness is a Warm Spaceship Junlei Tennyson Groundbreaker Engineering
Back Bays
Slaughterhouse Clive Catherine Malin Monarch
The Doom That Came to Roseway Anton Crane Roseway
Auntie-Biotics secret lab 0027
The Illustrated Manual Maximillian DeSoto Edgewater
The Stainless Steel Rat Note in Isaac's apartment
Talmadge Kerr
Stellar Bay
The Distress Signal Gladys Culkelly Rest-N-Go
Weapons from the Void Alex Hawthorne's Terminal Unreliable
The Silent Voices Edna Ingmire Relay GB-23
Who Goes There? Commandant Sanita Groundbreaker security
Back Bays
Solution Vital Leonard Wheeler Groundbreaker
A Few Kindred Spirits Grace Romero Botanical labs
Abandoned industrial zone
Die, Robot Ludwig Miller Edgewater Landing Pad
Fistful of Digits Constable Reyes Edgewater
Journey Into Smoke Lillian Raptidon Pens, Roseway Gardens
The Amateur Alchemist Vaughn Cortes Covert lab
The Frightened Engineer Thomas Kemp Botanical Labs
The Long Tomorrow Martin Abernathy Edgewater
Vulcan's Hammer Orson Shaw Roseway
Storage Facility
Worst Contact Ellie Fenhill Medical Bay, Groundbreaker
Spratkings Nelson Mayson Fallbrook
Signal Point in Space Monarch
Passion Pills Nyoka The Yacht Club
MSI Dispensary
Why Call Them Back From Retirement? Hortense Ingalsbee Early Retirement District
At Central Maverick Johnston Byzantium
The Secret People Velma Ballard Mather Residence
Saltuna Warehouse
A Family Matter Agnes Needham Stellar Bay
Amber Heights
Herrick's Handiwork Velma Ballard
Caleb Herrick
Stellar Bay
The Grimm Tomorrow Grimm Stellar Bay
The Chimerist's Last Experiment Lilya Hagen Dr. Chartrand's Home
The Ice Palace Lilya Hagen HRS-1084
Space-Crime Continuum Lilya Hagen Cascadia
Canid's Cradle Devil's Peak Station
Gunship Crash Site
Pay for the Printer Graham Bryant Terra One Publications
The Commuter Graham Bryant Amber Heights
Bayside Terrace Warehouse
Mr. Pickett's Biggest Game Sebastian Adams Monarch
All Halcyon in a Day Alonzo Vallejos Bureau of Exploration
Odd Jobs Bronson Amber Heights
Foundation Adjutant Akande HHC Building, Byzantium
Little Memento Ash Amber Heights
A Cysty-Dance with Death Clive Lumbergh C&P Boarst Factory

Companion quests[edit | edit source]

Name Start Location
Drinking Sapphire Wine Parvati Holcomb Groundbreaker
The Empty Man Maximillian DeSoto Hermit's Lodge
The Cleaning Machine SAM Unreliable
Star-crossed Troopers Nyoka Monarch
Don't Bite The Sun Parvati Holcomb Groundbreaker
The Low Crusade Ellie Fenhill Byzantium, Fenhill Estate, Fallbrook
Friendship's Due Clyde Harlow Scylla, Groundbreaker, Emerald Vale

Peril on Gorgon quests[edit | edit source]

Name Start Location
The Electric Fling Roscoe Clanton Sprat Shack
The Ones Who Walk Away From Gorgon Lucky Montoya's Last Message Unreliable
Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death Leonora Diallo Sprat Shack
A Dialog Between Dead Men Terminal Secret Hideout
Mostly Harmless Transmission Tower Alpha Terminal Transmission Tower Alpha
The Man in High Orbit Clarence Mostly Musgrave Family Collection
A Clockwork Mock Apple Clarence Mostly Groundbreaker
We, in Spacer's Choice's Employ... Dr. Marion Blakeslee Auxiliary Maintenance Bay

Human Inquiry & Auditing

Starship Hunters ADA Unreliable, Invading Ship
Experiment Perilous Dr. Jasper Low Olympus Orbital Pharmaceutical Station

Compound Harvesting, Enrichment, & Molecularization Lab

The Red Tape of Command Dr. Jasper Low's Terminal
Dr. Marion Blakeslee's Terminal
Human Inquiry & Auditing
Compound Harvesting, Enrichment, & Molecularization Lab
The Ambrose Intersection Wilhelmina Ambrose The Unreliable
Rendezvous at Llama Captain Bowen Babbage Gorgon Canyon, Fossil

Notes[edit | edit source]

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