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Quests are objectives issued by companions and other characters as means of progressing the main plot, or to add depth to the world and its characters.

Main quests[]

Name Start Location
Foundation HHC Building, Byzantium
Balance Due Groundbreaker
Brave New World Unreliable
Comes Now the Power Saltuna Cannery
Kept Secret But Not Forgotten
Long Distance Phineas' Lab
Passage to Anywhere Groundbreaker
Radio Free Monarch Stellar Bay
Devil's Peak Station
Stranger in a Strange Land Emerald Vale
The Demolished Woman HHC Building
The Puppet Masters Groundbreaker
The City and the Stars

Side quests[]

Name Start Location
A Cysty-Dance with Death C&P Boarst Factory
A Family Matter Stellar Bay
Amber Heights
A Few Kindred Spirits Botanical labs
Abandoned industrial zone
All Halcyon in a Day Bureau of Exploration
At Central Odeon Pictures, Byzantium
By His Bootstraps Roseway Communication Room
Auntie-Biotics Lab
Canid's Cradle Devil's Peak Station
Die, Robot Edgewater Landing Pad
Fistful of Digits Edgewater
Flowers for Sebastian Stellar Bay
Happiness is a Warm Spaceship Groundbreaker Engineering
Back Bays
Herrick's Handiwork Saltuna Warehouse
The Yacht Club
Journey Into Smoke Raptidon Pens, Roseway Gardens
Little Memento Amber Heights
Mr. Pickett's Biggest Game Monarch
Odd Jobs Amber Heights
Slaughterhouse Clive Monarch
Solution Vital Groundbreaker
Vulcan's Hammer Roseway
Storage Facility
Weapons from the Void Unreliable
Who Goes There? Groundbreaker security
Back Bays
Why Call Them Back From Retirement? Early Retirement District
Mandibles of Doom Devil's Peak Cavern, Monarch Wilderness
C3 Barracks, Monarch Wilderness
The Amateur Alchemist Covert lab
The Distress Signal Rest-N-Go
The Doom That Came to Roseway Roseway
Auntie-Biotics secret lab 0027
The Frightened Engineer Botanical Labs
The Grimm Tomorrow Stellar Bay
The Long Tomorrow Edgewater
The Secret People Mather Residence
Saltuna Warehouse
The Silent Voices Relay GB-23
The Stainless Steel Rat Stellar Bay


Name Start Location
A Small Grave Matter Emerald Vale
Cupid of the Laboratory Maintenance Tunnels
Makes Space Suits, Won't Travel Byzantium
Spratkings Fallbrook
Salvager in the Sky SubLight Warehouse
The Lying Earth

Companion quests[]

Name Start Location
Don't Bite The Sun Groundbreaker
Drinking Sapphire Wine Groundbreaker
Friendship's Due
Star-crossed Troopers Monarch
Passion Pills The Yacht Club
Worst Contact Medical Bay, Groundbreaker
The Cleaning Machine Unreliable
The Empty Man Hermit's Lodge
The Illustrated Manual Edgewater
The Low Crusade Byzantium, Fenhill Estate, Fallbrook

Main Quests (Murder on Eridanos)[]

Name Start Location
No Night Without Stars Unreliable
A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry Grand Colonial Hotel
Prince of Tossball Grand Colonial Hotel
An Unfinished Accusation The Penthouse
Captain, Go Home Rizzo's Distillation Station
Escape! Rizzo's Distillation Station
For a Breath I Tarry Pilothouse
Lord of Blight The Penthouse
Naked Hunch The Penthouse
The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World Pilothouse
The Bird Drug The Penthouse
The Infernal Exploding Machine of Halcyon Helen Rizzo's Distillation Station
The Last Role of Halcyon Helen
The Man Who Chafed The Penthouse
The Productivity Queen The Penthouse
The Story of Two Disasters The Penthouse

Side Quests (Murder on Eridanos)[]

Name Start Location
Lost Little Milkmech LEGAL Hunting Supplies
Strange Disappearance of a Watchman Bridge: Hotel to Orchards
The Pool Where Horror Dwelt Pool Plaza
The Puzzlehedges of Forking Paths Purpleberry Puzzlehedges
The Two Rogues Copper Bottom Cantina

Tasks (Murder on Eridanos)[]

Name Start Location
I'll Not Ask for Guests North of LEGAL Hunting Supplies
At the End of the Spectrum Spectrum Gatling Terminal, Rizzo's Research and Development District Labs
The Caves of Zeal Outside the Holey Caves
The Pteroray Trap Pilothouse Navigation Deck: Lower

Faction Quests (Murder on Eridanos)[]

Name Start Location
PHAETON's Monster Pilothouse Navigation Deck: Upper
Your Primal Heart Hermit's Cabin
Northwest of LEGAL Hunting Supplies
Faithful to thee, Rizzo's, in Our Fasion

Peril on Gorgon quests[]