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Captain, something bit them. Something with more teeth than strictly necessary.


Raptidons are giant cat/reptile-like creatures that inhabit various planets in Halcyon. They are creatures native to Monarch, however some corporations have illegally imported them to other planets, such as Auntie Cleo who relocated a group of them to Roseway.


Raptidons have large neon-colored appendages around their mouth. They have large tails covered with spikes, a design that continues along their back. They are naturally hostile to other creatures and will attack anything that approaches them.

Raptidons are of corporate interest due to their potential for producing new chemical by-products which, when refined, can the be used to create new board approved products. Some examples include:

  • N-Raptured: an aphrodisiac utilizing raptidon musk as its main ingredient[1]
  • Appezap (name pending): a diet toothpaste containing an appetite suppressant developed via research on enzymes specific to the raptidon digestive system[2]

Raptidons have four different varieties of leptin analogues, the concentrations of which vary based on the season.[3]


  • Raptidon Infant
  • Raptidon
  • Raptidon Mauler: Can poison its prey with a rapid claw attack.
  • Raptidon Spitter: Spits corrosive acid that burns through armor.
  • Raptidon Stalker: Spits acid puddles on the ground that snare any creature caught in it.
  • Raptidon Matriarch: a female raptidon kept inside Raptidon Incubation.[4]
  • Raptidon Colossus: Attacks from range by spitting a corrosive acid on its prey. Rushes in to maul enemies when its health is low.
  • Mega Raptidon: More health than a Colossus or Matriarch with stronger attacks but otherwise almost exactly the same.

Two unique raptidons named Euryale and Stheno can be found in the vicinity of the Cascadia Landing Pad. Another named raptidon, Chimera can be found at Hero's Last Stand.

Related quests[]


The raptidons are actually voiced by a pug that hangs out with the Obsidian Entertainment team.

Damage Vulnerabilities :

  • Physical - 100% effectiveness
  • Plasma - 130% effectiveness
  • Corrosion - 70% effectiveness
  • Shock - 100% effectiveness

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Raptidon concept was drawn by Breanna R. Guthrie.[5]



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